MoreMe Deluxe Headphones

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MoreMe Deluxe
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MoreMe Deluxe Headphones

The MoreMe Deluxe Headphones are a good sounding headphone at a disposable price! Everyone needs a few extra sets of headphones in the studio, MoreMe has you covered!

They're called MoreMe headphones because they bring out the detail range of frequencies that you need to hear when you're tracking. MoreMe headphones use 32 Ohm, 2-1/2" drivers (a little over 60mm), so they'll work with almost any amplifier and you can use several pair without loading anything too hard. They can hit 105dB (loud enough to cause ear damage). They have a "Stereo/Mono" switch with easily detachable earpieces, so that two people can use one set of phones (for recording choirs and backup singers). They also have metal adjustable earcup holders (not plastic), so you can bend them to clamp on your head really tight. The MoreMe's have pretty decent isolation, and a low enough price (i.e., dirt cheap) to ensure that even the smallest home studios can afford to have a few sets around without robbing their piggy banks.

A nice little touch: the MoreMe labels are color-coded. Most people don't realize that phones with single cords always have the cord coming out of the left earpiece. Like Sony, MoreMe made the label for the left earpiece blue, and the right earpiece label red (red usually stands for right). The Studio Deluxe models also feature added insulation inside the earcups to improve midrange smoothness and increase isolation.

MoreMe Deluxe Headphones Features

  • Impedance: 32 Ohms +/- 10%
  • Maximum Input Power: 100 mW
  • Frequency Response: 30 - 18,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB S.P.L. @ 1 kHz +/- 3 dB
  • Distortion: less than 0.5% THD at 105 dB SPL at 1 kHz
  • Plug: 1/4" Stereo Plug
  • Weight: 56 gram

What We Think

So what's the downside? They have a damn short coil cord! No, they don't sound as good as the Sonys, Sennheisers or AKGs. But for tracking, they're good enough (and cheap enough) for most people to use and get outstanding results.

The manufacturer claims 30Hz to 18,000kHz, but it's actually more like 30 or 40Hz to around 15 or 16kHz. The Studio Deluxe headphones have a little more bass extension, and slightly smoother response. We wouldn't recommend using either of them for final mixes or mastering (We wouldn't use any phones for that), but for tracking, they work great (or at least, they work "good enough").

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  • 1
    Never again

    Posted by Mathew C on Feb 22nd 2017

    Super uncomfortable, poor isolation and honky tone make these headphones extremely uninspiring to use. Want to frustrate yourself and everyone else in the session? Buy these. Got these many years ago when I was first starting out and used them for about 2 months out of necessity. I suppose they "worked" but definitely didn't make life in the studio fun. I moved on to some nicer studio phones as soon as I was able to afford them.

  • 4

    Posted by Jim on Jan 2nd 2017

    Just what I expected. Good enough for tracking and a very reasonable price. Not as comfortable as expensive headphones but you sure don't mind as much if they get blown out.

  • 4
    MoreMe Deluxe Headphones

    Posted by Salinas on May 1st 2014

    Could be a little more comfortable

  • 2
    Not that impressed

    Posted by Joe Walker on Sep 27th 2012

    I had heard good things about these, but really not that impressed with them. The response is all mid range. In my opinion they're not suitable as recording monitors. Plus the openings in the ear cups are so small they smash your ears.

  • 4
    More Me Deluxe Headphones

    Posted by Juan Carlos Zeta on Apr 11th 2011

    This are great headphones for tracking, very usable, they could be better built, but what do you expect in return at this price point. Had no complaints of recording musicians at recording sessions until now. Of course you won't use them for mixing, simply because they were not designed for this purpose. Why spend hundred of bucks on tracking headphones instead of a good mic pre? If you're looking for a valuable tool for tracking ( and only for tracking) this is a no brainer.

  • 4
    Decent sound for the price

    Posted by James Beach on Jan 13th 2010

    The headphones have kind of a cult following on the internet and among sound engineers. But I purchased them to listen to use them through a audiophile system.

    The sound is a bit flat and could be more dynamic. The cans are pretty small and tight - hopefully they will break in over time. Definitely not as comfortable as my Sennheisers or a friend's Grados.

    But for the price, and to listen to the music as many sound engineers do when they are mixing the music, the headphones are good investment.