Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box

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Miktek DI1
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Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box

The Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box provides direct insertion of an audio signal into a mixer or recorder. Offering a variety of DI solutions for live sound and recording applications, the DI1 allows the connection of guitars, bass guitars, drum machines, keyboards, outboard signal processors, high powered speaker outputs from an amplifier, etc.

The Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box can be powered either by a single 9 volt battery or standard 48 volt phantom power. Whenever phantom power is present on the XLR cable (connected to the OUTPUT), the Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box will automatically disconnect the 9 volt battery and switch to phantom power.

The Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box enables you to tap off the signal from a guitar or bass guitar and pass the signal from the THRU output to the guitar / bass guitar amplifier without affecting the original sound. This can eliminate the need for miking the guitar amplifier, especially with bass guitar.

The Miktek DI1 is an active direct box which has a power supply, hence you can rely on an even frequency response on any audio signal you connect to regardless of its output impedance. The OUTPUT connection gives cancellation of hums/buzzes while leaving the original signal clean and pure. Besides that the Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box is also useful for connecting unbalanced signals such as DJ mixers, effects processors and keyboards to a main PA or recording mixer.

Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box Features

  • 1/4" Input for the a music instrument’s audio signal
  • 1/4" Thru for linking the audio signal to an amplifier/recorder
  • Balanced XLR output to send audio signal to main mixer
  • PAD switch for input signal attenuator
  • COMBINE switch for summed/combined up the input and thru signals passively
  • GROUND LIFT button for the ground from the Miktek DI-1 chassis detaches from the XLR jack
  • Battery compartment at the bottom of the Miktek DI-1
  • Battery/Phantom switch for the swapping of battery operation to phantom power in either way

Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 5-35kHz, -3dB
  • Noise Level: -104 dBu
  • THD+N: 0.013% typ. @ 1VRMS, 1kHz
  • Input Impedance: Guitar -1 Meg. Ohm / Amplifier - 10k Ohm
  • Max. Input Level (1%THD): +8.1 dBu (9V Battery) / 11.3 dBu (48V Phantom Power)
  • Input: ¼" Phone Jack, unbalanced
  • Thru: ¼" Phone Jack, unbalanced
  • Output: XLR Connector, balanced
  • Phantom Power: 24-48 VDC
  • Battery: 9V
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 44mm x 102mm x 38mm
  • Weight: 1 Kg

Miktek DI1 Active Direct Box Includes

  • DI1 Active Direct Box
  • Owners Manual

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