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The Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone is a faithful revival of the iconic 1940's Melodium 42B ribbon microphone that was originally built by Charles Boutelleau and Emile Furn, in Paris France.

The Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone (the “n” is for “new”) is based on the same magnet technology (as the original the Melodium 42B), with the enhancement of an improved motor, an overall improved mechanical construction, a custom-wound transformer (allowing for a higher output impedance), and a classic XLR connector. The original Melodium microphone, made from the late ’40s until the late ’60s, had an advantage thanks to its ribbon being one of the largest ever made. Surrounded by 4 massive AlNiCo magnets, it delivered a smooth and warm sound through a specific step-up transformer, which was designed to change the impedance but also act as a passive filter. Kerwax/Melodium has remove the passive filter system in the new 42Bn, as it is not needed for today's modern studio environment. As a result, the Melodium 42Bn is the true successor of the original 42B, thanks to the use of a very large ribbon and AlNiCo 600 magnets, which allow it to keep its characteristic sound while avoiding the overboosted sounds of some microphones using neodymium technology. Modern improvements allow it to find its place in any contemporary studio configuration.

These microphones are handmade with old-world metal casting of the yoke, and traditional machine pressing of the mics body/grill - meaning there will be natural marks from manufacturing. This lends to the industrial style and feel of each individual microphone. Stylistically, this is one of the more unique microphones we’ve had here at Front End Audio. The workmanship is truly impressive!

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Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone Features

  • The largest ribbon microphone ever made, recreated for the 21st century.
  • Original magnet technology using 4 x AlNiCo 600 magnets, creating a closed magnetic loop that provides a warm, smooth, and organic sound, like the original one.
  • A vintage aesthetic combined with modern improvements designed with classic and modern studio needs in mind.
  • Designed and 100% handbuilt in France using ecologically sustainable practices and locally sourced parts.
  • Less than 1% plastic, 100% recyclable.

Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone Specifications

  • Principle: ribbon velocity
  • Polar pattern: figure of 8
  • Ribbon: pure aluminum 2.5 µm
  • Magnets: AlNiCo 600
  • Magnetic field strength: 4400 Gauss
  • Sensitivity: -50dBV @1kHz re 1Pa, open circuit
  • Output impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Connector: XLR-3M
  • Dimensions: 320 x 140 x 50 mm (12 x 5.5 x 2 inches)
  • Weight: 2.7kg (4.4 lbs)

Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone Includes

  • 42Bn Ribbon Microphone
  • Wood Box
  • Chart/Paper Work
  • One Year Warranty

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What We Think


The Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone is very impressive microphone. The first thing you notice is the craftsmanship. This is a truly traditionally built microphone. The yoke is cast, and the body/grill is machine pressed. It has a very old world feel and look to it. That is something that is a breath of fresh air in the modern world. And, when you pick this mic up, you know it is quality. It is a total beast - solid and heavy. Make sure to break out the top tier stand for this (I'm talking Latch Lake). But of course it can be as pretty and well built as possible - but the sound matters the most. Well this mic does not fall short there. The sonic quality of this mic is like taking reality, dipping it in chocolate, and wrapping it in velvet. It is real, rich, smooth, and warm. An absolutely beautiful sound. One that needs to be heard to realize, and fully respect. This mic has magic to it.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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