Manley VOXBOX Retube Kit (Earlier Version)

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Product Code: 9999-15228
Manley VOXBOX Retube Kit
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Manley VOXBOX Retube Kit

The Manley Massive Passive Retube Kit is a complete retube kit for older versions of the VOXBOX.

Authentic Manley components, authentic Manley sound! This is the only Tube Kit you will want to buy for your Manley VOXBOX. Check your serial number. This kit is for serial numbers MSMP000 - MSMP1086. MVB000 to MVB737 (no X's in the serial number, gain range 40-50db).

Manley VOXBOX Retube Kit Includes

  • 1 pc 6072EH-STD
  • 1 pcs 5751-STD
  • 2 pcs 6414 or 5965 (equivalent)

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