Lavry Engineering Black AD11 and DA11 Converter Package

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Product Code: 9999-08824
Lavry Engineering Converter Package
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Lavry Engineering Black AD11 and DA11 Converter Package

The Lavry Engineering Black AD11 and DA11 Converter Package, get two channels of Lavry AD and DA conversion in this package deal!

Lavry Engineering Black AD11 and DA11 Converter Package Details

With the Lavry Engineering LavryBlack AD11 and DA11 Stereo Mic Pre and Digital Converter Package, Front End Audio has put together the ultimate compact microphone preamplifier and AD/DA package that fits into a convenient single space in a rack. Perfect for on-the-go stereo or dual-mono recording where space is at a premium and the highest possible quality is a must, the Lavry Engineering LavryBlack AD11 and LavryBlack DA11 units will also connect to the computer of your choice to act together as perhaps the best possible stereo interface audio path available. Plus, Lavry's exclusive Digital Tape Saturation Emulation (Soft Saturation) can save you in the case of accidental overs - perfect for live recording.

Front End Audio rounds out the package by including the extras that we know you'll need: The Lavry Engineering Black RM-Kit Rackmount Kit and a pair of professional quality Mogami Gold Neglex Quad Microphone Cables - A $145 value: free of charge.

Lavry Engineering Black AD11 and DA11 Converter Package Features

Lavry Engineering Black AD11:

  • Recording at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz
  • Super-stable internal clock
  • External clocking via word clock or AES sync
  • BNC Word Clock output for synchronizing other gear to the AD11
  • Digital output format selectable between AES/EBU and IEC (SPDIF)
  • Peak hold selectable on large wide range LED meters
  • Soft Saturation for peak level control without time constants (allows signal to be compressed or limited without undesirable interaction due to different attack and release times)
  • Optional Rack Mount Kit (can be used to mount any combination of two LavryBlack units)

Lavry Engineering Black DA11:

  • Ultra low jitter mode to minimize source degradation.
  • Patent Pending >PiC< Playback Image Control.
  • Accepts input sample rates between 30kHz and 200kHz
  • Potentiometer-free digitally controlled analog volume circuitry.
  • High power discrete headphone output.
  • XLR, USB, RCA (Coaxial) and Optical (Toslink) digital inputs.
  • Optional Infrared Remote control
  • Power On/Off muting protection on Main and Headphone outputs
  • Balanced or unbalanced outputs with Polarity Inversion
  • Included XLR to RCA adapters for easy connection to RCA inputs

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