Lavry Engineering Savitr AD-24-200 AD Converter

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The Lavry Engineering Savitr AD-24-200 AD Converter is the new standard in conversion and provides improved quality with ease of use for the most technically demanding recording and mastering studios.

The Lavry Savitr AD-24-200 is a Lavry’s latest gold standard in analogue-to-digital conversion with improved AD conversion and new 192kHz clocking capabilities. The Savitr now offers sample rates ranging the 32-200kHz operations and offers automatic sample locking when working with external clocks. It delivers astonishing performance with vanishingly low THD+Noise figures and an impressive 128dB dynamic range. The Lavry Savitr is available in two configurations which you can select from the product option menu above. If you need help deciding on what configuration is best for your application, reach out to a Front End Audio sales team member and we will be happy to help you decide. The two configuration options are as follows:

Configuration 1:

  • A second digital audio output of your choice of either AES or SPDIF. This Output is independent of the main output, and this output can be set to an internal clock or synced to a secondary external clock. Further this option adds a second external clock input, which can receive either World Clock or AES clock.

Configuration 2:

  • This option adds an additional 4 World Clock outputs, over BNC. Each BNC connector is paired with an LED for status identification (No Termination, Correct Termination, Double Termination/Fault).

Lavry Engineering Savitr AD-24-200 AD Converter Features

  • Pristine audio performance (THD+N) up to 200 kHz sample rate
  • Intuitive operation
  • High-resolution meter display
  • Main & Auxiliary digital outputs
  • Independent audio formats (AES/SPDIF)
  • Independent clocking (Search & Lock/ Internal)
  • MX clipping (on/off)
  • Soft saturation levels (4)
  • Low Latency mode (on/off)

Lavry Engineering Savitr AD-24-200 AD Converter Includes

  • Savitr AD-24-200 AD Converter
  • Locking IEC Power Cable
  • Registration Card
  • Manual (on USB Thumb Drive)

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