Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm

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Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm

The Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm adapts to any standard 5/8-inch 27-thread microphone stand to give you the stout reliability and functionality only found in the micKing 1100 from Latch Lake.

The micKing RetroBoom is born from customer requests to upgrade their tired, old stands of another brand with the modern-clutch micKing. The RetroBoom delivers the full features of micKing 1100 boom with telescoping reach of 32.5 - 62.375 inches and a 2 lb. counterweight. It’s perfect for the studio that appreciates more control of their mics in a very affordable model from Latch Lake. The RB1100 fits standard 5/8"-27 threads and is available in its standard nitride black finish (Spin Grip not included).

Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm Features

  • Lever Lock System - Quick and simple adjustments throughout the entire stand. These locks ensure, hands down, the strongest hold possible with the least amount of frustration. You can even customize their tension to your precise needs!
  • Mounting - Precision ram formed mounting point makes this the lightest possible thread execution.
  • Counter Weights - All new patent pending stacking counterweights! The MK1100BK comes standard with one 2 lb. thread on counter weight with the ability to add more weight via Latch Lake's accessory, the Latch Lake MK Weight Set (totaling up to 7 lbs - Special Order).
  • Why the World's Strongest? - Latch Lake's patented boom clutch features nearly 16 square inches of clamp-able surface area. That's more than any other mic stand on the market! This impressive surface area provides the maximum coefficient of friction for that unstoppable hold that micKing booms are so well known for.

Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
  • Boom length: 32.5 - 62.375 inches
  • Spin Grip Mount: N/A
  • Counter Weight: 2 lbs
  • Weight Finish: Nitrided Steel
  • Jam Nut: 5/8" - 27
  • Device Mounting Point: 5/8" - 27

Latch Lake RB1100 RetroBoom Boom Arm Includes

  • RB1100 RetroBoom

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