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This Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System, with upgraded premium high-gloss Nardo Grey finish, came out of a local pro studio and have hardly been used. They look and function just like new and also include the upgraded floor risers. It is rare to see a used Kii Audio BXT System on the market, so this is a one time opportunity for a fantastic monitoring system. Please contact Front End Audio if you are interested in this system, these are extremely large and heavy so shipping must be discussed prior to your purchase.

The Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System is a unique monitoring system for engineers that want the absolute best sonic representation and performance possible for their studio! Here at Front End Audio, the Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System is on our "Mount Rushmore" of professional studio monitors.

Kii Audio’s mission for the Kii Audio Three Pro Monitors was to break the sonic mold of compact speakers. Sure, there have been small speakers with a deep bass response (compared to others), but none have truly sounded like a big speaker. To fix that, Kii Audio invented Active Wave Focusing, which is a combination of a special 4-way DSP crossover filter with drive units mounted front, side, and back that “throws” the sound towards the listener instead of bathing the room in it. This new technology allows Kii Audio’s Three BXT Monitor System to maintain a cardioid response over the full audio band! From 20Hz all the way up to 25kHz. The wave front appears as if it’s radiated from a single point just in front of the speaker, meaning that the time coherence of the wave front is fully maintained on and off axis. This translates to an impressively wide sweet spot and spacious stereo field with pinpoint accurate imaging. You also won’t miss out on any of the low-end that typically builds up behind speakers

Since this system is complete with the Kii Audio BXT Extension Speaker Module, with it’s 16 additional drivers, you’re able to make full use of the technology inside the Kii Three Pro Monitors and add even more frequency range and SPL to the game! All while still being a cardioid system that despite its size, does not interact with the room! The Kii Audio Three BXT System is unique as it combines a line source with horizontal directivity control. And astoundingly enough, small rooms profit a lot from the line source concept

Better Mixes, Faster
The Kii Three BXT Monitor System is extremely revealing of EQ, compression and effects, saving you from nasty surprises when you check your mix on another system. Effortless presentation allows for longer, more productive mixing sessions without ear fatigue. In the end you will work faster with better results and be more confident that your mixes will translate.

Custom Premium Color
This Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System is finished in the premium high-gloss Nardo Grey color - a $3,980.00 upgraded value.  Additional pictures and/or video are avaiable upon request, please contact us.

Kii Control
With the included Kii Audio Kii Control, you’re able to have all of your normal monitor controller options (volume, mute, dim) at your fingertips and so much more! The Kii Control connects to your Kii Audio Three Monitors with an included CAT6 cable and gives you full control of the DSP inside of the monitors. You’re able to adjust the Boundary and Contour settings as well as EQ! There are also selectable correction options for free-standing, near wall, or in corner. The Kii Control lets you tune the speakers to your room and even save up to six user presets that you can cycle between fast!

BXT Studio Risers
With the included Kii Audio Three BXT Studio Risers (Pair), you can raise the Kii Three BXT System to optimal studio height and a perfect compliment to your BXT Monitor System. They're solid and fit snug to the bottom of the BTX Extension Speaker Modules. The risers are 7.7 inches tall and when added, make your Kii BXT Monitor System a total of 54.7 inches tall. Remember, these are included at no additonal cost - a $1,090.00 upgraded value.

Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System Features

  • Compact DSP controlled monitor speaker
  • Active Wave Focusing crossover filter
  • Integrated tone control
  • Protection limiters
  • Selectable correction for free-standing, near wall or in corner (14 positions)
  • Automatic Standby Mode

Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System Specifications

  • Drivers: 12 x 6.5” woofer, 1 x 5” midrange, 1 x 1” waveguided tweeter.
  • Amplification: 6x250W full-custom Class D
  • Frequency Response: -3dB: 20Hz, 100Hz-10kHz: +/- 0.5dB, 10kHz-20kHz: +/- 1dB.
  • Controlled Directivity: 4.8dB (54Hz - 1kHz, slowly rising thereafter)
  • Phase Response: selectable, linear phase or minimum latency
  • Inputs: Analogue, AES/EBU, KiiLink, (SPDIF, TOSLink, USB via Optional Kii Control)
  • Size: 28”x47”x16” (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 112lbs

Kii Audio Three BXT Monitor System Includes

  • 2x Kii Audio Three Pro Monitors (Nardo Grey)
  • 2x Kii Audio BXT Extensions (Nardo Grey)
  • 2x Studio Risers
  • 1x Kii Control
  • 2x Power Cables
  • Interlink Cables

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    Kii Three BTX pre-owned

    incredibly fast shipping. perfectly packed. knowledgeable advice at time of purchase. look forward to doing business with Wes and FronEndAudio again!