K&M 26740 Monitor Stand, 26740.000.55 (Black)

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K&M 26740
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K&M 26740 Monitor Stand

The K&M 26740 Monitor Stand is a fantastic stand for small to medium footprint studio monitors weighing up to 77 lbs. K&M's famous build quality is on full display in this stand made of Swiss-steel, featuring a round cast-iron base.

Stable steel stand for monitors with broad completely level round cast-iron base-diameter 17.72". Rod combination height adjustable using clamping screw and safety splint. For the direct attachment of monitors with 3/8" threaded joint (thread length 0.47") or to screw in a connector plate 8.07" x 9.65" for Genelec monitors or monitors by other manufacturers. Includes 4 thread points and 4 rubber knobs.

K&M 26740 Monitor Stand Features

  • Made In Germany using Swiss Steel
  • Slim and practical stand for positioning monitors
  • 77 lbs (35 kg) max central load capacity
  • Monitor can also be attached directly with a 3/8" thread connection
  • Support plate (245 x 205 mm) can be fitted either with 4 rubber studs or 4 threaded nibs to hold the monitor in place
  • Adjustable Height from 37.402" to 56.299"
  • Extremely stable and sturdy
  • Round Cast-Iron Base
  • Special Features
    • Direct attachment of monitors with 3/8" threaded
    • Joint (thread length 0.472") possible
  • Compatible with Genelec Stand Plates for mounting IsoPod equipped Genelec monitors
  • 5 Year Warranty

K&M 26740 Monitor Stand Specifications

  • Base diameter: 17.716 "
  • Bearing plate: Included
    • Dimensions: 9.646" x 8.071"
  • Height: Adjustable from 37.402" to 56.299"
  • Height adjustment: locking screw and safety pin
  • Leg construction: Round cast-iron base
  • Material: steel
  • Max. load capacity: 77.093 lbs
  • Product Category: Topline
  • Rod combination: 2-piece folding design
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 22.379 lbs

K&M 26740 Monitor Stand Includes

  • 1 x 26740 Monitor Stand
  • 1 x Bearing Plate - 9.646" x 8.071"
  • 4 x isolation spikes
  • 4 x adhesive rubber knobs
  • 5-Year Warranty

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