JoeCo BlackBox BBP1-D 24-Track Player w/ AES/EBU Digital I/O

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JoeCo BBP1-D
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JoeCo BlackBox BBP1-D 24-Track Player w/ AES/EBU Digital I/O

JoeCo BlackBox Player 24-Track Player w/ AES/EBU Digital I/O

JoeCo BlackBox Player 24-Track Player Details

The BlackBox Player is the first dedicated multi-channel playback device specifically designed to replay backing tracks or multiple surround stems for Live shows. Able to replay 24 channels of high quality audio at up to 24bit/96kHz, it can be triggered using timecode, with a footswitch or QWERTY keyboard, or controlled via MIDI commands, giving the live engineer, installation sound designer, musical director or artist full control of the show at all times.

This version is designed for use with digital mixing consoles that have AES/EBU inputs and outputs. Unbalanced analogue functionality also available (switchable).

Proven technology
Based on the proven technology of the award-winning BlackBox Recorder, the BlackBox Player provides an innovative solution to live performance playback in a compact 1U rack-mounted package. Audio files can be stored on a standard USB2 drive, or Flash RAM drive. Simple playlists automatically cue up the next song ready for instantaneous replay and multiple playlists can be stored ready for different shows or performances. Integrated safety features, including a built-in automated fail-over mechanism, ensure that the BlackBox Player can meet the all-important â??show must go onâ? criteria.

Multi-channel playback is important both for surround sound applications and because it allows the live engineer to compensate for the acoustics of the venue, or audience generated noise during the performance.

Who is the BLACKBOX PLAYER designed for?

  • Solo artists and vocal groups using pre-recorded backing tracks
  • Bands requiring additional backing tracks (strings, horns, etc.)
  • Theatres, theme parks and cruise ships
  • Permanent installations requiring reliable playback, such as museums, galleries and houses of worship.
  • Broadcast applications for timed multi-language or multi-station play-out
  • Playback applications that require timecode synchronisation

JoeCo BlackBox Player 24-Track Player Features

  • Simultaneous playback of 24 tracks in up to 24 Bit / 96kHz quality. No computer required at the performance.
  • Files for playback can be loaded from any Digital Audio Workstation capable of creating Broadcast WAV files or recorded directly.
  • Audio can be stored on USB2 hard drive or Flash drive.
  • Simple naming convention ensures that the correct file is replayed through each output.
  • Available output options include Unbalanced and Balanced analogue, as well as digital AES/EBU and Lightpipe
  • Intuitive front panel, keyboard or footswitch operation for total control during the performance
  • Can be controlled via MIDI
  • Set lists can be configured as simple XML format playlist files
  • Synchronous playback to SMPTE timecode (LTC and MTC)
  • Multiple playlists can be stored for quick changes or alternative show formats.
  • Separate foldback mixes can be configured using normal facilities on the console. An additional mix can be sent via the headphone output for the musical director.
  • Can be configured to accept an incoming source of digital clock, or optionally word clock.
  • Unique feature is the ability to automatically switch to a synchronous secondary system in the event of a failure (Normally requires a costly external switching matrix)

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