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The IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX V2 Software Bundle packs in an extremely impressive collection of sounds, loops, grooves, and more - spanning from classic and orchestral to EDM and metal. There is no genrea of music that you cannot create and/or enhance with SampleTank4 MAX!

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX V2 Software Bundle offers an unprecedented collection of over 18,000 instrument presets and over 600 GB of sounds, loops and grooves for the most comprehensive, inspiring collection of sounds loops and grooves in a single package. The full SampleTank 4 sound set, plus all 34 synths in the Syntronik 2 MAX collection, the orchestral powerhouse Miroslav Philharmonik 2, the lo-fi retro vibes of SampleTron 2, and a massive 53 expansion libraries, SampleTank 4 MAX v2 will inspire your creative journeys no matter the style or genre.

Re-designed from the ground up to be every musician’s “go to” workstation for music creation, SampleTank 4 offers a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. Every sound, loop and groove can be opened right inside SampleTank 4, for lightning-fast single-plug-in workflow that keeps your inspiration going. But this is much more than just a SampleTank 4 expansion. Miroslav Philharmonik 2, SampleTron 2, and all Syntronik 2 Synths offer their own unique, inspiring interfaces and workflows. Import your own samples and "tron-ify" your sounds in SampleTron 2, or dive into the retro authenticity of Syntronik's iconic vintage analog synthesizers and drum machines. Each plug-in is custom-developed with the ideal look and features to match its sounds.

Packed with 64 additional libraries, SampleTank 4 MAX v2 covers an unimagineable range of sounds. From cinematic vistas, atmospheric pianos, fresh loops and grooves in today's hottest styles, to the wildest prepared pianos and far-out percussion sounds, it's a never-ending supply of inspiring sounds, grooves and loops from IK and many of today's hottest sample library producers. Included with SampleTank is the new IK Product Manager, which automates the installation process and keeps all the IK products organized and up to date. Now you can focus on making music instead of updating software.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX V2 Software Bundle Features

Works as a multi-platform plug-in and as a Standalone application

  • Content structured in Instruments, Multis and MIDI Patterns
  • Fully compatible with Mac OS X and Windows
  • Supported plug-in formats: AAX, VST, and Audio Units
  • 16 part multitimbral
  • 16 individual stereo outputs
  • Info view with specific information and 3D icon for each instrument
  • Mix view and full mix parameters control
  • Live mode for instantaneous sounds loading, organized in set lists and songs
  • Expandable instrument library via the Custom Shop
  • Pad interface lets launch patterns, loops or single notes seamlessly from iRig Pads or any MIDI controller
  • 55 studio quality effects
  • Part Range Controls allows for creating splits and layers
  • Edit view for in depth editing of all synth engine parameters, independently for all the elements or articulations that are included in the instrument
  • Instrument browsing
  • BPM syncable time-based effects, audio loop instruments and LFOs
  • Four play modes including mono legato with portamento.
  • Zone switch allows to edit individual key-zones for the selected sound elelement or articulation
  • Multi Articulation and Key Switch instrument control
  • Easy to use assignable MIDI control to any parameter with MIDI Learn
  • Instrument and Multi saving
  • Convenient Search function for Instruments, Multis and Patterns
  • Compatible with all previous “Powered by SampleTank” sound modules and sounds (can import all previous sounds and Combis)

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX V2 Software Bundle Includes

  • License for SampleTank 4 MAX
  • 600 GB of sound content in 88 SampleTank Libraries and SampleTank-derived products

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