IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor

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IGS Tubecore
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IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor

IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor, a Vari-Mu style and full symmetric transformer balanced compressor for the 500-series.

The IGS TUBECORE 500 is a full symmetric transformer balanced 500-series compressor. The structure is based on the typical vari mu solution. The TUBECORE 500 is a true tube mono compressor where compression is achieved using the remote cut-off of tube biasing. Could be used as a mono tracking compressor or (as a matched pair) as an advanced mastering tool.

Every single TUBECORE 500 is hand made with high quality, matched components (1% metal film resistors, Wima caps). It is equipped with JJ tubes and individually calibrated to give you the unique and unspoiled experience of one of the best Vari-mu compressors in the history. IGS spent hundreds of hours designing the TUBECORE, to make sure that it is as simple to use as it is versatile; not only for harmonically rich drums and guitars, but also for huge vocals and bass instruments. Two audio transformers (Sowter and Carnhill) have been used to provide excellent performance.

TUBECORE 500 Options
TUBECORE 500 has an option of linking two mono modules into the stereo pair. The module with deeper compression set (or slower attack/release settings) will become the master module, that controls the other TC500 unit. You also have an option of choosing input and output levels of your Tubecore 500 unit with extra jumpers on the back of the PCB. Adjusting these levels might be handy if you would like to use extra deep compression.

IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor Features

  • Typical usage:
    • Recording vocals
    • Strings
    • Bass and guitar instruments
    • Drum bus compressor (stereo when two units are used)
    • Mastering compressor (when two units are being used)
  • Front Panel Controls:
    • VU METER - Big VU meter showing the amount of gain reduction.
    • THRESHOLD - Above this level of the input signal the compression will occur. Use it to control the amount of compression.
    • ATTACK - Time delay between the apperance of the signal and the compressor reaction.
    • RELEASE - Time delay between the disappearance of the signal and the compressor reaction.
    • GAIN - Input gain knob.
    • OUTPUT - Output level knob.

IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor Specifications

  • Device type
    • Vari Mu Compressor: Yes
  • Basic features
    • Hard wire bypass: Yes
    • Stereo Link: Yes
  • Input & Output
    • Input Impedance (balanced): 600 ohm
    • Output Impedance (balanced): 600 ohm
    • Audio transformers: Yes, Carnhill, Sowter
  • Levels
    • Operating Level: +4 dBu
    • Max input level: +22 dBu
    • Max output level: +22 dBu
    • Noise Level: -99 dBA
    • Max. gain: 40 dB
    • Max Gain Reduction: 30 dB
  • Time constants
    • Attack: 10 - 300ms
    • Release: 0.1 - 4s
  • Bandwidth
    • Fequency response: 8 Hz - 20k Hz, +/- 1 dB
    • Distortion (@ 20 Hz - 20 kHz)
    • THD+N: 0.002% @ 0dBu
  • Front Panel
    • VU Meters: Yes, GR (backlit)
  • Power
    • Voltage: API Standard, internal DC-DC conversion for powering tubes (250V DC)
    • Power consumption: 12W
  • Packing box
    • Shipping weight: 3 kg / 6.6 lbs
  • Other specs
    • Tube set: ECC82, 6AK5 x2

IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor Includes

  • IGS Tubecore 500-Series Compressor
  • Manual & Literature

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IGS Audio gear is some of the most impressive 500 series offerings we've seen, to date. All of it is incredibly beefy both in regards to sound and build quality. Front End Audio is seeing something quite special with all of IGS's products and we are excited to be bringing them to you!

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