IGS iQ Inductor Equalizer


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The IGS iQ Inductor Equalizer is a modern application of the noble sound of analog equalizers. This very precise, parametric equalizer works great on every stage of production.

The IGS iQ Inductor Equalizer can add marvelous color to the signal, while maintaining the whole character of the original sound. This is a unique phenomenon possible only with analog processing. As opposed to digital eq it maintains neutrality and clarity on every setting. The simultaneous boosting and cutting of similar frequencies are the core secret of this device.

This is the typical effect of analog filters in the audio path. Most of the sound correction is in micro-manipulation. The frequency range is divided into 4 bands: Sub, Bass, Mid, High. In every band the frequency and boost/cut level can be set. The frequency range is divided into 4 bands: Sub, Bass, Mid, High, allowing you to control the frequency, boost/cut, bandwidth and bypass of each band! Now imagine two channels of that!!

IGS iQ Inductor Equalizer Features

  • 4 band inductor EQ
  • Sweet sweet sweet high’s – beautiful sounding!!!
  • Fully stepped / dented – true Mastering EQ
  • Boost / Cut Range 10dB
  • Q Factors 0.3 – 6
  • Max Input Level 22dB
  • Max Output Level 26dB
  • Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz +/- 0,1 dB
  • Crosstalk less than 100 dB

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