HotWires IC-20 Instrument Cable (20 Foot)

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Product Code: 9999-09248
HotWires IC-20
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HotWires IC-20 Instrument Cable

The HotWires IC-20 Instrument Cable is a professional balanced 20 foot instrument cable designed for customers on a tight budget. This cable Incorporates nickel plated 1/4 connectors, it offers low noise.

We scoured the Earth for a good inexpensive instrument cable, and the Hotwires has been a winner for our customers on a tight budget. The black cable is excellent for stage use when you need things hidden.

HotWires Instrument Cable Features

  • 20 Foot length
  • Low Noise
  • 1/4 connectors are nickel plated for durability
  • Ships with Velcro Strap!

What We Think - HotWires IC-20 Instrument Cable Review

The Hotwires IC-20 Instrument cable delivers if you're on a budget. We've never had one complaint! The Hotwires cable includes a Velcro strap which makes life that much easier. The Hotwires cable is the "king of the budget instrument cables".

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