Mogami Gold Stage Microphone Cable (20 Foot)


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Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

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The Mogami Gold Stage Microphone Cable is an ultra-rugged cable ideal for stage or remote use in performance, sound reinforcement, TV, radio and broadcasting applications. With a lifetime warranty, its the best cable in the business!

The Mogami stage cable has three times the number of copper strands compared to a typical high quality cable. The higher the stranding the less likely the cable is to break when handled. Two of these 105 strand cores are covered with a comprehensive full-coverage braided shield. This forms the basis of a nearly indestructible, yet highly flexible cable that offers transparency and accuracy unequaled by other brands. Featuring a heavy duty binder and braided shield makes this cable ideal for all continuous handling applications. Exhibits very low microphonic pick - up and can operate at very cold temperatures down to -20-degrees C (-4-degrees F) without losing its flexibility. 105 strands of 44AWG annealed bare copper features ultra flexibility with extraordinary flex life, while maintaining excellent strength characteristics.

Mogami Gold Stage Microphone Cable Features

  • Conductor insulation is XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) which has excellent electrical characteristics and prevents shrink-back during soldering
  • Braided shielding makes Mogami Gold more durable
  • For stage and broadcast, Mogami Gold Stage is extremely durable, a valuable feature on stage where cables tend to be abused
  • Lifetime warranty

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  • 5
    All I use in the studio
    John V

    Mogami makes my go to cable. They last forever and have unparalleled sound.

  • 5
    Worth the money.

    Seemingly a great cable with quality connections.

What We Think


The Mogami Gold Stage Microphone Cable differs from their Gold Studio offering in that these Stage cables are built to take being walked on with cowboy-boot heels. The shield is upgraded to a braided copper over a heavy duty binder and filler system which is molded around the actual + and - conductors and their insulation, creating an incredibly durable cable. So, if you are wanting a cable to actually last on the road, the Mogami Gold Stage Microphone Cable is your guy. Word to the wise: Many others offer cables and say that they're 'Made With Mogami' (and some even say, "Configure your Mogami cable"). But when you dig deeper, you discover that the 'cheaper' option that they're trying to pass off as a actual Mogami Gold is some other offering altogether - more like a "Silver", and even then not the same at all! So, don't be duped into thinking that you're getting the same thing for less! Front End Audio only sells genuine MOGMAMI GOLD products - factory packaged and fully warranted by Mogami, themselves. So, don't join the ranks of the walking-brain-dead - Get the real-deal and actually receive what you want and what you need - because you'll get exactly what you pay for, in the end. And we sell only the best! Don't get burned. Come to Front End Audio for factory-built, precision-machined Mogami Gold cabling.

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