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Front End Audio received this MotorCity directly from Heritage Audio. This unit was deemed cosmetically as less than perfect by Heritage Audio quality control but has been factory tested, certified and carries a full manufacturers warranty. Any cosmetic issues will have absolutely no impact on the functionality, playability or performance of the unit. Our b-stock items are priced to sell quickly so take advantage of some pretty fantastic pricing while you can.

The Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer was recreated from Motown units owned by Eight-time Grammy winning producer, mixdown artist, and innovative engineering genius Michael Brauer. Heritage Audio has left no stone unturned, recreating the unmistakably huge, punchy, and warm signature sound that makes the MotorCity Equalizer as classic as the hits it helped create. Occasionally, something so special arrives, it turns the music industry Upside down (and inside out). That is why Heritage Audio is incredibly pleased to offer the world’s first reproduction (and a dead on one at that) of the “Holy Grail” of classic EQ’s.The MotorCity Equalizer!

The Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer is a completely analog, passive EQ design with seven accessible frequency points across the tonal spectrum. Each frequency has a stepped rotary switch capable of a flat response, or up or down up8db in 1dB increments. Frequency points graduate from 50hz, 130hz, 320hz and 800hz before jumping to 2000hz, 5000hz, peaking at 12,500hz. The front panel also features a simple in/out/off toggle switch with top hat knob and jewel light power indicator. All rotary switches have easy to read from a distance “General Radio” bakelite style knobs recreated to look exactly like the originals (remember, this is not a slider-style graphic EQ). Finally, it features a master gain control (-8db/+8db) , again in 1dB increments. The incredibly simple 1960’s accurate back panel features a powersupply jack and an XLR input and output. The sound itself is exactly what you’d expect. It packs a punch without sounding harsh or distorted. While something as simple as an analog seven band EQ might sound more like hype than hyper goodness, hearing is believing. Why has Heritage audio gone through the seemingly impossible task of bringing them back to life?Michael Brauer will tell you this: It simply gotthat sound! The Heritage audio MotorCity Equalizer is nota digital equivalent, nota respectfully close replica and not a more compatible modernized “improvement.” The MotorCity Equalizer is nothing more or less than the genuine article finally made available for the general public.. For the very first time in history, you can integrate this true spec to spec carbon copy of both form and function into your own studio.

Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer Features

  • Dead nuts replica of Michael Brauer ́s units designed at Motown’s“ Hitsville” studio for private use.
  • First time publicly available. Motown’s Chief technical engineer and miracle worker Mike McLean ́s take on the smart graphic eq designed for the film industry and made by Cinema Engineering, Langevin and Altec..
  • Shockingly clever passive design uses no less than 21 inductors and 21 tone capacitors ( 3 each per band) exclusively made for Heritage Audio, matching Brauer ́s values to 1% tolerances.
  • Heavy duty stepped rotary switches used for all 7 eq bands and gain control.
  • UTC replica input transformer transformer with modified turns ratio for better integration into modern studios. Exclusively made for Heritage Audio.
  • Carnhill-driven output line amp substitutes the original ́s Achilles heel Opamp-labs output.
  • In/Out/Off Lever switch allows you to A/B the effect of EQ settings.

Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer Includes

  •  Heritage Audio MotorCity Equalizer
  •  Power Cables
  • Manufacturers Warranty

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