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The Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Tube Compressor is a faithful reproduction to the original Fairchild and is stuffed full of 11 valves and 5 transformers, The Herchild 660 operates at a very high voltage and uses only the best components to deliver the utmost quality, making it perfect for Mixing and Mastering!

After decades of being so rare, hard to come by and almost considered mystical and nearly impossible to acquire, most people just assumed they´d never be able to actually use this legend, but don´t worry, the Herchild 660 is finally here and within reach of everyone. The original Fairchild has indeed been an essential part of the sound to so many hits during several decades. It certainly has earned its title as the ´granddaddy´ of all compressors. Being based around 11 valves and 5 transformers you can be sure the Herchild 660 will imprint its signature sound all over your tracks providing that familiar tone that we've all come to love. Although it was originally designed to be used for cutting lacquer masters for vinyl albums it didn't take long for engineers to realize that it could do much more. It soon became an essential studio tool for many innovative artists, engineers and producers and could be found in most professional studios. As there were only about 500 units originally produced there just simply aren't enough to go around for everybody. Add to that the original requires quite a lot of special maintenance and after nearly 60 years there just simply aren't many still in good shape. So that´s where Heritage Audio comes in…

Heritage Audio has been able to successfully follow the original design and trace the necessary components to provide a modern day alternative. It´s taken them years, but they feel that they finally produced something so special that it´s capable of letting the old granddaddy take a long deserved rest, and make room for the new blood to take over. While staying true to the original in terms of response and sound, Heritage Audio has been able to add a few things to make it more practical in modern day studios. First off they have given direct access to the continuously variable slope control. This is something that makes the compressor so much more flexible and was only available on the original via an inconvenient screw adjustment hidden from immediate access. Then there´s the SC FILTER. Nowadays, it´s just about impossible to fathom a compressor without this feature as it´s become so important in everyday use. Here they have provided 4 different frequencies to choose from to precisely tailor your compression needs. They have also faithfully reproduced the exact attack and release times in the Time Constant section so you can confidently recreate the feel of its ancestor.

So finally, after so many years of this being unobtainable to mere mortals, the Herchild 660 is here. Enjoy the sound that has blessed thousands and thousands of hits throughout the years. Feel the warmth as it hugs your tracks and makes them stand out proudly from all the rest.

What makes the Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Special

  • The Herchild 660 makes its introduction into the upper league of professional audio to impress any and all that are lucky enough to witness it.
  • A faithful reproduction of the compressor-limiter that is arguably the most iconic of all dynamics processors. The real ´Granddaddy´ of all compressors.
  • Now with direct access to the all-important DC THRESHOLD, basically a ´Slope´ adjustment, it´s quick and easy to vary the response from compression to limiting.
  • 100% built in Madrid, Spain. Fully designed, wired and assembled at our Headquarters in Madrid.
  • Finally available to any and everyone that has wanted that warm, classy sound but due to rarity and price assumed it would be impossible to attain.
  • Designed with the highest quality components and operated at a high voltage to guarantee complete absence of audible thumps, with extremely low distortion and noise. Perfect for Mastering.
  • Nothing less than 11 valves and 5 transformers are used to ensure the absolute highest quality possible, for when only the best will do.
  • The Heritage Model 660 also includes a very convenient Side Chain filter to make it more at home in modern day studios.

Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Tube Compressor Features

  • Fully tube-based Variable-Mu compression.
  • 11 Valves & 5 Transformers.
  • Side chain filter for modern day needs.
  • Immediate access to the continuously variable slope/ratio/knee.
  • All 6 of the original Attack & Release settings available.
  • Clean, intelligent design to guarantee many years of easy professional use.
  • That legendary sound finally available to everyone.

Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Tube Compressor Specifications

  • Input Impedance: 2K Ohm.
  • Output Impedance: 600 Ohm.
  • Output Level: +30dBu clipping point.
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz to 15kHz +/- 1db.
  • Self Noise: Less than -82dBu.
  • Harmonic Distortion: Less than 1% at any level up to +18dBu output (no limiting).
  • Dimensions (W x H x L): 482mm x 134mm (3 Rack units) x 200mm.
  • Weight: 7.365 Kg.

Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Tube Compressor Includes

  • Heritage Audio Herchild 660 Tube Compressor
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Warranty Information

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What We Think


The Heritage Herchild 660 is a very cool box. Like with anything that features tubes in it's path, the longer it is on and the warmer the tubes get, the more mojo you get. But the 660 is not just about mojo, it is about flexibility. It can be subtle to outright crushing transients out of the picture. It can be tight and punchy, to open and floating. It gives you a warm and vintage analog vibe while tailoring its behavior to what you need from it. Whether it is clean electric guitars, bass guitars, mono drum room, kick, snare, or vocals - this box handles it all beautifully with a unique tone that hearkens from yesteryear. Heritage did something special here.

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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