Golden Age PRE-73 Premier Preamp

Golden Age

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The Golden Age PRE-73 Premier Preamp is a 1073 style preamp with selectable two frequency high pass filter, two position air EQ and output pad to allow overdriving the output transformer.

The Golden Age PRE-73 Premier Preamp is made of high quality components with top level build quality.

Golden Age PRE-73 Premier Preamp Features

  • UK made Carnhill mic input and line output transformers
  • Tantalum capacitors in the signal path
  • Classic style knobs
  • Polystyrene capacitors in the amplifier circuits
  • Sturdy toggle switches with gold plated contacts
  • Connector free internal wiring, all connections are soldered for the purest signal path
  • Beefed up power supply
  • External power adaptor to avoid electromagnetic interference with the audio transformers
  • Prepared for mounting one ot two units in the UNITE PREMIER rack kit. You can also mount it in the other UNITE rack kits and combine it with the red and black Golden Age Project products.

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