Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package

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Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM
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Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package

The Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package is today's most advanced and flexible compact monitoring solution. It ships complete with Genelec's GLM V2.0 Loudspeaker Manager with AutoCal and AutoPhase. It even includes the Genelec 9310AM Volume Control. You've never experienced small environment monitor accuracy like this before.

Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package Details

The Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package is a complete stereo digital monitoring solution including two Genelec 8320A SAM monitors together with the required GLM V2.0 User Kit and 9310AM Volume Control.

The compact 8320A Smart Active Monitor (SAMâ"¢) is today's most advanced and flexible monitoring solution.

The 8320A extends Genelec SAM system offering to a very wide range of facilities. A new and highly intuitive Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM 2.0) control network and software allows adjustments of all aspects of monitor settings and full system control. Genelec AutoCal allows to automatically align every monitor for level, timing, and equalisation of room response anomalies. The 8320A features Genelec MDE and DCW technologies, a flow optimized reflex port and very neutral frequency response.

Combining performance never heard before, the 8320A is the small monitor for music studios, post-production houses, digital edit suites, radio, TV and outside broadcasting.

Also, the flexibility of the Smart Active Monitoring system with GLM allows you to add additional monitors and Subwoofers (such as the Genelec 7350 Smart Active Monitoring [SAM] Subwoofer) to the GLM network. Contact us here at Front End Audio for help with configuring your Genelec SAM system.

Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package Features

Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package Features

  • Smart Active Monitors (SAM) and subwoofers aeasy to operate and can adapt to any environment
  • GLM computer control allows for repeatable, consistent performance
  • The full complement of the Smart Active Monitoring line of products provides high scalability to any size environment
  • Complete solution-oriented Smart Active Monitoring systems eliminate guesswork in system configuration and acoustic performance
  • GLM network flexibility allows to set up and computer-control up to 30 monitors and subwoofers
  • Genelec AutoCal measures the response in the listening area and applies relevant compensation to minimize the room's acoustical influence
  • Reducing the perceived differences between listening environments or positions, SAM systems allow for accurate transfer of audio productions between rooms
  • In the factory, every single product is calibrated and 100% evaluated for acoustic performance guaranteeing excellent similarity between products and consistent high performance
  • Genelec quality and reliability, combined with the tech support from Front End Audio, ensures long-term investments and outstanding audio quality.

Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package Specifications

  • Maximum sound pressure level: 100 dB
  • Frequency Response: 55 Hz â?" 23 kHz (-6 dB)
  • Amplitude Linearity: ± 1.5 dB (66 Hz - 20kHz)
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.9 kHz
  • Driver dimension: Woofer 4 in + Tweeter 3/4 in Metal dome + DCWâ"¢
  • Amplifier power: Woofer 50 W + Tweeter 50 W
  • Dimensions
    • H 242 x W 151 x D 142 mm, with Iso-Podâ"¢
    • H 9 1/2 x W 6 x D 5 5/8 in, with Iso-Podâ"¢
  • Weight: 3.2 kg / 7.0 lb
  • Connectors
    • 1 x XLR analogue input
    • 2 x RJ45 control network

Genelec 8320 Stereo SAM Monitor Package

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