Genelec 8050-423 Monitor Carry Bag

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Genelec 8050-422
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Genelec Genelec 8050-423 Monitor Carry Bag

The Genelec Genelec 8050-423 Monitor Carry Bag is made up of high quality material and designed to transport a single Genelec 8050 or 8350 Monitor safely and securely.

These Bag features soft padded nylon body material plus ergonomic zippers and carry straps. The external pocket is handy to keep the accessories along as you travel on road.

Genelec 8050-423 Monitor Carry Bag

  • Soft padded nylon provides comfort
  • Features ergonomic zippers, carry straps and an external pocket
  • Ensures the safety of your monitors
  • Helps you store or transport your monitors with care

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