Genelec 1238A DSP Studio Monitor Package

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Genelec 1238A
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Genelec 1238APM DSP Studio Monitor Package

The Genelec 1238APM DSP Studio Monitor Package from Front End Audio gives you everything you need to get started with a pair of Genelec 1238APM Monitors at a bundled price; including a pair of 1238APM Monitors, the Genelec GLM V2.0 Loudspeaker Manager User Kit, a Genelec 9310AM Volume Control, and a pair of premium cables.

Genelec's Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) systems MUST be assembled as a complete system - at least to start. And nobody knows this system like Front End Audio! We've put together this bundle to make purchasing and understanding the Genelec SAM system easy and painless. Included are a pair of Genelec 1238APM monitors, the Genelec GLM (required for accessing and setting up the DSP component of the monitors - includes 8300A measurement microphone and GLM v2.0 Network Interface, GLM Loudspeaker Manager software, and AutoCal software), the Genelec 9310AM Volume Control, and a pair of cable (analog XLR or AES/EBU - your choice just let us know your setup - we're flexible!). The cable brand may vary based on availability but we only use select premium cables.

Genelec 1238APM Studio Monitor Features

  • Three-way acoustic design: Proven acoustic design from the earlier models 1037 and 1038
  • DSP and AutoCal™ technology: Digital Signal Processing and automatic calibration for balanced system response
  • RAM-L: Integrated amplifier module supporting rapid system configuration can also be installed in a rack
  • DCW: Advanced Directivity Control Waveguide for improved balance, efficiency and imaging
  • Class D amplifiers: Highly efficient amplification for LF and MF
  • Class AB amplifier: Ultra wide bandwidth discrete tweeter amplifier

Genelec 1238APM DSP Studio Monitor Package Includes

  • Pair of Genelec 1238APM DSP Studio Monitors
  • Genelec GLM
  • Genelec 9310AM Volume Control
  • Power Cables
  • 2x Cables (analog XLR or AES/EBU - your choice)

What We Think

"We put the Genelec 1238APM GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package together as a comprehensive solution for the discriminating studio and engineer looking for immense power both in sound quality and accuracy combined with the power to enact precise room acoustics corrections across the entire frequency spectrum, as well as recall acoustics-samplings from various points in the room and recall them at will - thus shifting the stereo image to that location.
The 1238A is THE mack-daddy studio monitor that ramps up the power from the 8000/8200/8300 family to nearly double. Featuring Class-D amplifiers for the lows and mids, and a Class A/B amplifier for the tweeter, the 1238A delivers a walloping combined 950 Watts per cabinet! Talk about headroom...
If you need to add the 7271APM Studio SAM Subwoofer, that same option is available. Regardless, you're probably going to want to speak with us to place this sort of order. So, please, give us a call at 888-228-4530.
We at Front End Audio have long used the Genelec 8240APM GLM Stereo DSP Monitor Package in our studio and we couldn't be happier with the results. With the system we are able to 'sample the acoustical DNA', if you will, of the listening space and actually get an accurate read on what is happening in the room as a result of the sweeps on each monitor. And once we have that, it's possible to identify specific problems in the room and actual opportunities for corrections that you can make to free up the GLM System to address more specific issues. Again, this addresses the entire audible frequency spectrum - not just the single dominant 'room mode' frequency. The GLM v2.0 System and 8300 Series Genelec Digital Studio Monitors make it possible to attain a monitor consistency from control room to control room, making them the ideal choice for the freelance engineer who travels with their own monitors, needing consistency from environment to environment. Give us a call at 888-228-4530 and we can help you select the right Genelec Digital Monitor System for your needs."
- Front End Audio

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