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The GC Audio Inherit Modular Preamp System is an innovative preamp system that allows you to swap different models of both tube and solid state preamps within a single 19’’ rack.

The GC Audio Inherit Modular Preamp System features a "Hot Plug"design that allows users to test a wide range of characteristic sounds via preamp cartridges, sold seperatley. Unlike other modular preamp formats,  the GC Audio Inherit allows the implementation of high-voltage or high-current multiple-voltage preamplification technologies. In addition, the absence of space constraints and the best EMC environment allow less compromise in electronic designs. This results in better audio quality! The Inherit system will therefore give you access to complex preamps such as true tube preamplifiers or complex discret designs that are impossible to get on a lunchbox. It is a premium Preamp System specialized in recording for sound engineers who want an uncompromising result.

The rack's custom power supply has been designed with great care and contains 7 unique voltages which are generated by three toroidal wire transformers.  All functions are analog but digitally controled in a well shielded construction designed to protect the signal path. This enables each cartridge to keep its unique and unadulterated sound. During a take, engineers can quickly and easily compare preamps without the need of a patchbay. Some preamp cartridges are designed around recording studio standards and others are designed from new exclusive technologies specific to the Inherit system.  As for proven technologies, numerous improvements have been made to achieve a high signal to noise ratio while maintaining the original behavior and tonal color.

GC Audio Inherit Modular Preamp System Features

  • 12 Steps Gain Control
  • Adjustable Output Level.
  • 10 Segments LED VU Meter
  • Pre / Post Output Level
  • 80 Hz and 120 Hz Low Cut – 12dB / Octave.
  • 7 DC Ultra-Low Noise Linear Power Supply
  • +48V Phantom Power.
  • Phase Inverter
  • DI Instrument Input

GC Audio Inherit Modular Preamp System Includes

  • GC Audio Inherit Modular Preamp System
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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