Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In


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The Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In is a dynamic processor with attitude, recreates the classic unit introduced in 1971. While being capable of a number of weird sonic effects such as dynamic reversal which smacks of a reversed tape sound, the Omnipressor is definitely a different kind of effect that goes from semi-conventional to all out dynamic explosiveness.

The Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In is a professional quality dynamic-modifier for gating, compression, limiting and expansion. Based on the classic Omnipressor, the Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In is even capable of reversing a sound's envelope, making loud sounds quiet and quiet sounds loud.

The Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In is based on the original Eventide Omnipressor, introduced in 1971 and used on hit records throughout the last four decades. One of Eventide's first customers for the Omnipressor was a young Brian May, lead guitarist of Queen. With the Omnipressor in his rig, his sound was never the same again.

A double-knee compressor/limiter, the Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In has the unique ability of simultaneously compressing and expanding audio; it is capable of extreme compression, limiting, expanding, and dynamic reversal. Now, this software plug-in of the Omnipressor is available for the first time for Pro Tools AAX, VST, and AU.

Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In Features

  • Dynamics processing for creating otherwordly sounds
  • Gating, expansion, compression, limiting, and Dynamic Reversal
  • Intuitive interface makes it simple to operate with the use of a Function dial

Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In Specifications

  • Platform Compatibility:
    • Windows: Microsoft Windows 7+
    • OS X: Apple OS X 10.7+
  • DAW Compatibility:
    • Pro Tools 10 +: AAX Native
    • Cubase 7+: VST2
    • Nuendo: VST2
    • Wavelab: VST2
    • Logic 8+: AU
    • Ableton Live 7+: AU, VST2
    • SONAR: VST2
    • Studio One: AU, VST2
    • Digital Performer: AU
    • Reaper: VST2
    • GarageBand: AU

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What We Think


The Eventide Omnipressor Native Plug-In is a fantastically weird, yet strangely natural dynamics effect. Recreating the original unit's quirks, this native plug-in version fits a niche that isn't covered by any other device or plug-in available. We were initially drawn in by the dynamic reversal effect that sounds quite a bit like the sound of a reversed-tape track. There are some really cool rhythmic possibilities on a drum track. But we found how the compression modes can bring about a very smooth and natural framework for the sound - particularly on overheads. But by the same token, you can make some really outrageous sounds with this effect. Try it on an insert, but don't forget to try it on an Aux Send. And the price is certainly nice! The Eventide Omnipressor has quickly become one of those plug-ins that we will use regularly from here on out.

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