Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox


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The Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox is a complete pedalboard in one pedal, full of Eventide's iconic reverb, chorus, delay, modulation, pitch-shifting and distortion effects. With the H9 MAX, you can evoke the sonic landscape of legendary albums and open the doors to the creation of new sounds never heard before.

The Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox includes all 45 algorithms and associated presets from Space, TimeFactor, PitchFactor, and Modfactor, plus UltraTap Delay, Resonator, and Compressor EQ.

The Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox lets you faithfully recreate the iconic sounds used by top artists, engineers and producers such as Steve Vai, Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Eddie Van Halen, Richard Devine, Suzane Ciani and many more.

The Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox ships with 99 factory presets (all others available through H9 Control app). The Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox offers wireless Control via Bluetooth using H9 Control app on Windows, OSX, and iOS. Built-in tuner, true bypass, MIDI, and shares algorithms with up to 4 other H9s on one eventide.com account.

Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox Features

  • 45 Algorithms and over 500 presets from TimeFactor, ModFactor, PitchFactor, and Space PLUS
  • All current AND future H9 exclusive algorithms including the just-released Looper
  • H9 Control App for Windows/Mac/iOS features wireless control via Bluetooth, facilitating the creation and management of presets and control of multiple H9s
  • Share H9 MAX algorithms with up to four additional H9s
  • True Analog Bypass
  • MIDI Control
  • Simple One-knob User Interface
  • Built-in Tuner

SpaceTime Features

  • Twin Delays with controls for level and feedback
  • Modulation with controls for amount and rate
  • Reverb with controls for decay, level and color

Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox Specifications

  • Effects: 99 Effects/Presets
  • Connectors:
    • Two 1/4" Analog Inputs
    • Two 1/4" Analog Outputs
    • Expression Pedal Input (1/4")
    • MIDI In, Out, and Thru
    • USB for connecting to a PC
  • Power Supply: 12V PSU
  • Switches:
    • Bypass Switch
    • Tap Tempo Switch
  • Dimensions: 1.96"H x 4.65"W x 5.25" D

Eventide H9 MAX Harmonizer Stompbox Includes

  • ModFactor Algorithms:
    • Liquid Chorus
    • Organic Chorus
    • Shimmer Chorus
    • Classic Chorus
    • Phase XO Chorus
    • Bias Tremolo
    • Opto Tremolo
  • PitchFactor Alorithms:
    • H910
    • H949
    • Crystals
    • Tuner
  • TimeFactor Algorithms:
    • Tape Echo
    • Vintage Delay
  • Space Algorithms:
    • Shimmer
    • Hall
  • H9 exclusive: UltraTap Delay

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  • 5
    H9 has it all
    Kyle Serra

    H9 is such a great multi effects pedal. It has all the classic eventide algorithms and is extremely versatile along with constant ability to tweak the effects