Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In

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Product Code: 9999-13123
Eventide H3000
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Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In

The Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In provides a convenient modular interface to combine up to 18 effects blocks together in a practically limitless number of configurations. With pairs of sweepable delays, pitch shifters, filters, mixers, amplitude modulators (or VCAs), and an assortment of modulation sources, the H3000 Factory brings you a great-sounding plug-in that’s as versatile as the original that inspired it.

The Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In combines the pitch, delay, modulation, and filtering in a new modular interface for AAX, AU and VST that made the original H3000 Ultra-Harmonizer a studio legend.

The Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Native Plug-In includes over 450 presets: over 100 original H3000 presets and over 100 new artist presets from Alessandro Cortini (NIN), Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle), Colin Newman (Wire), Damian Taylor, Dave Darlington (Bass Hit Studios), Kerry Leva (EDM Producer), Richard Devine (Sound Designer), and Scott Martin Gershin (Soundeluxe).

Available effects blocks include delays, amplitude modulators, envelope followers, pitch shifters, filters, and low frequency oscillators. The Function Generator features nineteen waveshapes, a white noise generator, MIDI control, and a sidechain input. All delays and LFOs can be locked to system tempo. Each delay can be looped and offers a low pass filter. The filters are selectable band pass, high pass, and low pass with variable Q, and can be swept and modulated without audible artifacts.

Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In Features

  • 18 Effects blocks can be wired ”anything to anything”
  • Delays utilize our intuitive Beat Grid, letting you easily place delays in perfect time with the music
  • Fully adjustable filters offer Band Pass, High Pass, and Low Pass types with Q factors up to 1000
  • Over 200 parameters make this an incredibly versatile sound design tool
  • Drag and drop re-ordering of effects blocks
  • Full MIDI controller support for Parameter Modulation
  • Recreation of the H3000 Function Generator and Parameter Modulations provides for incredibly dynamic sound shaping
  • Soft Keys let you customize the most important preset parameters
  • Familiar interface and original presets from the H3000, with a new graphical patch bay to aid in ease of use

Eventide H3000 Factory Harmonizer Plug-In Specifications

  • Platform Compatibility:
    • Windows: Microsoft Windows 7+
    • OS X: Apple OS X 10.7+
  • DAW Compatibility:
    • Pro Tools 10 +: AAX Native
    • Cubase 7+: VST2
    • Nuendo: VST2
    • Wavelab: VST2
    • Logic 8+: AU
    • Ableton Live 7+: AU, VST2
    • SONAR: VST2
    • Studio One: AU, VST2
    • Digital Performer: AU
    • Reaper: VST2
    • GarageBand: AU
  • Licensing: Requires iLock 2

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