Colossal Cable Sweet Fats Patch Cable

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Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

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The Colossal Cable Sweet Fats Patch Cable delivers Rock, R&B, Country, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Hard Rock guitarists with the unhindered and unfettered tone coming straight from the jack of your guitar to your amp. You'll agree that you've never heard your actual instrument before the Sweet Fats cable made it's way to your rig. Built to last a lifetime, the Sweet Fats instrument cable delivers a tone as colossal and worthy of it's brand's namesake.

The ability to articulate what one hears in their mind has been every musician´s goal and ambition since the dawn of instrumentation, and with that comes the frustration that has spawned musician´s desire and attempts to create a vessel which carries that art. Over and over, time after time, attempts have been made to create such a vessel that would allow an artist to paint their masterpiece, but fall shy because their brush was inadequate or their paints too dull.

Ladies and Gentlemen, no longer is this an issue, but a thing of the past. That vessel which you seek lies within your grasp. Introducing the SWEET FATS! No longer an issue of deficient tone or weak signal, the SWEET FATS releases what others hindered. Saturate your canvas with the clearest and most vibrant tones, angelic highs that sound crisp and clear, robust mid-range that is articulate and powerful, deep booming bass that is warm, round and full yet tight. With this cable you no longer attempt, you succeed. The Sweet Fats is best suited for Rock, R&B, Country, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop, Hard Rock.

The SweetFats is silver-plated copper conductor instrument cable that provides a very clear and articulate signal. Hand soldered with a high grade quad eutectic solder for ultimate conductivity and a solid solder joint topped with a liquid contact enhancer that provides an overall improvement in high, medium and low frequency sound. Volume, echo, extension, penetration, resolution and level feeling. Amphenol Pro Series connectors are used that are military grade and machined out of a solid piece of alloy and implore the “Jaws” cable clamp that has a “key/lock” design that keeps the clamp and the cable from twisting inside once set into place. A nylon mesh sleeving jackets the cable keeping it from getting cut or crimped and reduces tangling and cable memory for an easier wrap up and unwinding.

Colossal Cable Sweet Fats Patch Cable Features

  • SILVER PLATED copper conductor & braided shield
  • HAND SOLDERED with ultra pure multi-eutectic silver solder
  • AMPHENOL T-series (pro range) connectors
  • HEAVY DUTY metal back shell
  • STYLIZED shell design with ergonomic grip
  • CUT & ABRASION resistant outer shield
  • “JAWS” cable clamp
  • MULTI POINT STRUCTURE strain relief
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY( * Void if Tampered * )
  • HAND MADE in the USA
  • PROTECTIVE FILM containing pure gold & silver to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation

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