Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar


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The Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar is a microphone mounting bar designed for stereo recording with two microphone mounts and a stand mount. It allows both the ribbon and condenser microphones to be used for Blumlein pair recording.

The Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar offers the simplest method of recording the best sound. With Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar, you can exactly place the microphones relative to your sound field. Featuring two microphone mounts and a stand mount, the Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar accomodates both the ribbon and condenser microphones for stereo recording.

Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar Features

  • Accomodates 2 microphones for stereo recording
  • Stand Adapter on the bottom is designed to attach to the stand
  • Two clips on top and bottom for non-included shock mounts
  • Offers the simplest method of recording the best sound

Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cascade
  • Product: Blumlein Stereo Bar
  • Category: Accessory
  • Compatibility: Ribbon & Condenser Microphones
  • Type: Adjustable
  • Length: 13.875"
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs.

Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar Includes

  • Cascade Blumlein Stereo Bar
  • Padded Pouch

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  • 4
    Cascade stereo bar

    Mostly a positive impression. My bar arrived bent, by about 1/4” across its length, and I was not happy to have to carefully bend it back straight using a vise with soft jaws. I also wish the 5/8” end attachment gripped the bar tighter. It allows some wobble. The mic mount pieces could have more threads, but they are adequate. Despite these few gripes, overall, happy I bought it. It uniquely fills a need.

  • 5
    Substantial and easy to use
    Rob B

    This stereo bar is great! Heavy duty, slim form, sets up in vertical and horizontal configurations. Handles heavier mic pairs just fine (e.g., Fat Head II-L, NT2A). Got our first one with the Fat Head II-L Stereo pair quite a while back. Definitely have to be solid with that weighty pair! I have since bought two more. We record on-location, often with room pairs (multiple), frequently including Mid-Side and Blumlein. Can also use this bar vertically with XY (large diaphragms condensers), or horizontally for XY (sdc), ORTF, A/B (narrow), etc... I would give it a 4.5 rating if possible, though: The only downside is the fixed placement holes for the mounts when using vertical coincident configurations. I like to get the Blumlein and Mid-Side mics very close, and while this bar works great with mics in band-type mounts (like the Fat Heads used to have), large diaphragm condenser mounts don't set as close as I like.