WesAudio Announces two new products

WesAudio Announces two new products

Jan 13th 2020

WesAudio (ahead of NAMM) has announced two new products to their line of unique digitally controlled and recallable analog outboard gear.

First up is the innovative ngLeveler Analog Automation System. The WesAudio ngLeveler Analog Automation System combines the power of analog automation, plug-in and DAW control (via the HUI Protocol), as well as analog saturation - to provide a unique and powerful centerpiece which will help to manage recording and mixing session. The ngLEVELER was created to become studio centerpiece, and because of its simple analog connectivity it can be used in many applications! ngLEVELER can be integrated in any spot in analog chain which requires signal level management or automation. One of such situation is level management or automation of signal which goes out from our outboard gear to the summing stage.

WesAudio has also announced the ngBusComp. The WesAudio ngBusComp Compressor gives you the legendary sound of the Stereo Bus compressor that has been a true companion on countless recordings for 40 years. Often recognized as “mixbus glue”, this particular compression sound have become industry standard. Now, we improve this design creating whole new level of versitality with unbeliveble modern DAW integration – We present ngBusComp – fully analog, dual mono, stereo, mid-side compressor, with digital recall. Channels can be linked/unlinked anytime! It is allowed to have different settings on both channels and still manage those in a relative way! You can work on Mid-Side mix separately for each channel, but if we would like to change ballance of whole track, it is enough to engage “parameter link” and both channels Make Up gain will be adjusted relatively keeping same amount of volume difference!

Both the ngLeveler and ngBusComp are expected to start shipping in April this year.

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