Vanguard Audio Labs V44S Stereo Microphone Now Shipping at Front End Audio

Vanguard Audio Labs V44S Stereo Microphone Now Shipping at Front End Audio

Nov 9th 2017

We're pleased to announce that after exhaustive R&D, Vanguard Audio Labs is now shipping the Vanguard Audio Labs V44S Stereo Microphone and we are taking orders!! Vanguard Audio Labs has designed and manufactured what we believe will be the top-selling stereo microphone on the market. And with a price tag of just $649! Following in the tradition of the V13, Vanguard Audio Labs surpassed the traditional price-quality ratio with top-shelf design & performance, elegant aesthetics, and a plethora of high-quality extras.

Here's a quick rundown of what sets it apart:

  • Headbasket Rotation - the V44S headbasket solves the problem that plagues every stereo mic we've ever seen - the lack of a quality rotation assembly. Instead of a contact wafer (noisy) or wire tension (fragile) design, we created a robust punched steel and ball-bearing mechanism from scratch. It's incredibly durable and reliable - and it detents every 15 degrees.
  • Capsules - we match each set of capsules, and we're using the same custom-voiced, edge-terminated, 3-micron diaphragm dual-capsule assemblies as our V13. Each capsule is independently switchable between cardioid, omni, and figure-8 to allow for a cornucopia of stereo mic'ing techniques including X/Y, Mid-Side, and Blumlein. Each headbasket uses the same open-air mesh as our V13 for transparency and low internal reflections. Most stereo mics on the market use 67-style capsules with high-frequency edginess and lack of low end definition, and our V44S capsules address that problem while being incredibly sensitive and detailed.
  • Splitter Box - we added a few unique features to our splitter box for concert tapers/location sound recordists. An additional phase-inverted, transformer-isolated top output allows for Mid-Side operation without any mixer or DAW patching.
  • Circuitry - We've loaded our solid-state, transformerless circuit with premium over-spec'd components carefully selected & sourced from around the world, including a cutting-edge transistor with mind-blowing specifications.
  • The Extras - the kit of course comes with our awesome VLSM Heavy-Duty Shockmount. Additional accessories include a padded pinewood storage box, a microfiber microphone sleeve, locking aluminum carrying case, 5-pin cable, and splitter box.
  • Aesthetics - a mic should sound twice as good as it looks. So we dressed out the V44S with our signature Pinot Noir gloss finish, mirror-cast badge, polished nickel trim, and precision-machined metalwork.
  • Quality - Final assembly, capsule matching, and 100% quality control takes place here in Southern California. Every V44S comes with a serialized hand-filled QC card and 5-year warranty.

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