Tower of Yamaha HS Monitors

Tower of Yamaha HS Monitors

By Front End Audio on Nov 9th 2017

Tower of Yamaha HS Monitors

Our Yamaha Regional Sales Manager, Mr. F., stopped by Front End Audio today. He happens to be a super cool guy who had lots of positive points to make.

Mostly, on how kick ass our Yamaha monitor packages are for our customers! We provide everything you need in one awesome bundle to make life that much easier – at a smashing good price too! The FEA monitor packages give you a pair of monitors, a base to set those monitors on (foam or stands), and the cables needed to plug them up.

The Yamaha HS8 Monitor packages are by far the most popular choice, and Mr. F agreed that FEA is a powerhouse of experience with this model. Of course, the Yamaha HS7 Monitor packages run a close second for those that don't need the size of the HS8.

And if you ever stop by the shop, you'll probably notice that most of us have our own pair of Yamaha HS5 monitors at our desks. The compact size and superior Yamaha sound (not to mention the competitive price tag) makes them an easy choice to have in our work spaces. We don't sell what we don't like and use; believe that!

Also, not to be left out - the Yamaha MSP3, MSP5, and MSP7 monitors are also available in a bundle at Front End Audio.

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