The Vanguard Audio Labs V4 Condenser Microphone

The Vanguard Audio Labs V4 Condenser Microphone

Sep 11th 2018

Vanguard Audio Labs has just released their new V4 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone, and Front End Audio has just received stock of it. While it is brand new, we did take a moment to do some quick tests on acoustic guitar, and we must say that we are liking what we are hearing. Of course once we get to spend more time with it (and on more sources), we will write a full review on our blog here.

However, the initial impression when testing it on a Taylor 114CE (tobacco burst limited edition), the mic provided some tasty results. On the overall, through the highs, upper mids, and lows, the V4 was pretty balanced. I didn't hear anything that was hyped or lacking. Additionally it had nice detail to it. The transients were sweetened and rounded with a smooth character, but it did not diminish the detail at all. Then you get to the low mids. At least with my Taylor acoustic, there was a presence in the low mids that really brought out a warm woodsy tone. It emphasized the body of the guitar. While this presence is there, it is not over the top and woolly, and it is more in the 90-100Hz range, so not boxy either. I found that pulling out around 98Hz on a 1Q at about 2-2.5dB quickly "balanced" out the total range fairly well - so definitely not an over presence in that low mid. All in all, I really liked the warmth and balance it had, with the sweetened details. It also had a much bigger sound stage that you'd expect.

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