The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box - Guitarists Rejoice

The Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box - Guitarists Rejoice

Feb 3rd 2018

Universal Audio has been on the move to expand and evolve their offerings in the Pro Audio world. While something like their new interface (the Arrow) is not much of a surprise, but a nice addition – they have ventured into a side of the industry that might pleasantly surprise you. That side of the industry is into the world of guitars, with their new Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box.

he OX Amp Top Box is much more than just a regular power soak. While clearly designed for such application, the OX goes a few steps farther, offering: direct recording, built in FX (eq, comp, reverb, etc), cabinet and mic emulations, and more. It's really the combined power of a power soak, direct box, and effects – that lets you get the most out of your tube amp(s), no matter the environment.

Given Universal Audio's lineage of high end analog gear, and pioneering some of the best modern digital emulations, the OX is a box that should excite guitarists all over.

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