The Next Generation SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp is Here!

The Next Generation SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp is Here!

By Front End Audio on Jan 30th 2023

The Next Generation SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp is Here!

The SPL Crescendo Duo V2 Preamp dual-channel microphone preamplifier with 120V technology receives a facelift in the new design of the SPL Studio series. 

What’s the difference between the v2 and the current SPL Crescendo Duo Preamp? Besides its gorgeous new black faceplate, it features a new and improved housing and more steps of amplification. Since Crescendo duo v1 already pushes the envelope, the only technical difference in v2 is the additional steps of mic gain. It now includes a larger selection of medium amplification values. 

The internal operating voltage of 120 volts allows Crescendo microphone preamplifiers to break new ground. It  results in microphone preamps that create a detailed, rich, vivid and honest sound image. Crescendo duo lets microphones shine in a whole new light – because they have never been amplified like this before. Thanks to the SPL 120V technology, it's nearly impossible to overdrive this microphone preamplifier.

The Crescendo duo v2 offers two mic preamps. Each of the channels have the same features and functionality. Besides phantom power (48 V) for condenser microphones, polarity reversal, a high-pass filter and a PAD switch, you're able to adjust the VU meters to display very high levels. The gain can be adjusted easily and precisely with the 12-step switch. The switchable output control allows the Crescendo duo v2's output level to be adjusted to optimal levels before hitting your AD converters. With its two outputs, signal can be sent to two different devices in parallel. In addition to its extensive feature set and outstanding technical characteristics, the Crescendo duo v2 convinces with sonic authenticity that is second to none.

For detailed specs and additional information, please visit the Product Page or call us at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

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