The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET Microphone

The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET Microphone

By Front End Audio on Aug 19th 2022

The Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 FET Microphone

At first glance, the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 may look like a high-end vintage tube mic, but in actuality it’s a solid state FET condenser mic capable of producing three distinct tones. With Lauten Audio’s Multi Voicing® technology, the Atlantis can switch between Forward, Neutral and Gentle modes. Forward is meant to deliver a bold, present, and modern sound but without getting harsh. Neutral is a smoother, more organic sound that naturally helps tame sibilance and Gentle will give you that dark, sultry, warm, vintage sound we’re all after.

The extra-large gold, edge-terminated capsule is sight to behold. At 38mm, it makes it one of the largest in the world. Made in the USA and crafted in Silicon Valley, this capsule has been hand-tuned to capture every nuance resulting in authentic and inspiring performances at the highest level of quality. 


The Atlantis features three polar patterns – figure-8, cardioid and omnidirectional.  Figure-8 captures sound from the front and rear of the microphone resulting in a more open, natural recording. Cardioid captures sound from the front of the microphone only and is most commonly used for recording vocals with minimal room reflections. Oppositely, the omnidirectional polar pattern picks up sound from all sides of the microphone making it ideal when your intention is to capture the sound of the room in your recordings.


Premium components were used in the making of the Atlantis such as high resolution, low distortion polypropylene capacitors, a US-made low-noise FET and a custom-wound output transformer with copper windings.


As if that wasn’t enough from one microphone, it also features three-way gain stage switching. The three settings are 0dB, +10dB and -10dB. 0dB is the default output gain selection. Use this setting when no additional gain, character, color or saturation is desired. +10dB will give you a 10dB boost when recording quiet sound sources or when using consumer-grade audio interfaces that could benefit from a bit of extra character. Switch it to the -10dB position when recording loud sound sources or when more color and saturation from high-end preamps is desired.


If you’re looking for a high quality, ultra-versatile mic at an accessible price-point you should certainly consider the Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387.

Lauten Audio Atlantis FC-387 Demo

Ryan and Wes provide us with a demo of the Atlantis on acoustic guitar and vocals.

Atlantis FC-387 Out of The Box

Ryan Ferris opens the Atlantis so we can see everything that’s included!

Atlantis FC-387 Gear360

See all the details of the Atlantis FC-387 in this exclusive FEA perspective.

“The Atlantis FC-387 FET is an awesome sounding microphone with a lot of features! The multi-voicing switch is super useful, and each option has its own distinct timbre. This microphone allows you to tailor the sound to your source. For example, on my acoustic guitar, I really like the F/Forward to be engaged as it adds a nice top-end presence. For my voice though, I feel F is a bit too bright, so I prefer the N/Neutral setting. Some sources with a lot of top-end may benefit from the G/Gentle setting. This setting has a nice way of softening things, like a ribbon mic – great for taming harder transients. Utilizing the different options on this microphone is a great way to add some tonal separation in a mix. Try the N/Neutral setting on a lead vocal and then switch to F/Forward for your harmonies to help them shine above guitars in a dense rock mix. You also have additional polar pattern options and a +/- 10db switch. If you’re only going to have one microphone, this is a GREAT option as you’re really getting three in one – nine in one if you consider the polar pattern options!”

Wes DeLoach - Pro Audio Sales

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