​The Coil Audio CA-70S is here.

​The Coil Audio CA-70S is here.

Aug 7th 2018

Coil Audio has released their new CA-70S microphone preamp. The Coil Audio CA-70S is a standalone version of their modular CA-70. Encased in a steel 2U rack encloser, 1st stage 6J7 and 2nd stage 6C5 tubes, and Coil's own CT-110HN (High Nickle) input transformer, and CT-41 output transformer, it provides a modern take on the classic two-stage circuit invented by Western Electric in 1913. This circuit design was licensed and built by various audio manufacturers from the 1930s through the 1950s. RCA, Gates, Western Electric, and Langevin were just a few that utilized this elegant and simple single-ended design.

The Coil Audio CA-70S features a mic/line input (switchable via toggle) with stepped gain rotary selector, a stepped low switch that works with the Negative Feedback control to boost or cut the low end, as well as an output gain trim that is set in between the 1st and 2nd stage tubes. All this all lows you to set the level and control of the two-stage gain structure, offering a flexibility in shaping the tone of the preamp. The large full sound of the CA-70S makes it particularly impressive on drums/percussion, bass guitar, and keys/synths.

As the desire and demand for the great sounds of yesteryear keeps growing, the Coil Audio line is definitely one to keep on the short list.

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