SSL offering financing for the Origin!

SSL offering financing for the Origin!

Jan 13th 2020

Solid State Logic recently announced that they have teamed up with All Media Capital, to offer a special financing option for their Origin console. For those that want to take advantage of the power of this compact Super Analog SSL console, and are looking for payment plan options, this is a great opportunity. For folks that are approved for this financing option, you will be able to get an SSL Origin in your studio, with a payment plan of $1,095.00 a month – for 60 months! For more information, feel free to reach out to us at Front End Audio. We are happy to assist in getting you your own Origin console.

The Solid State Logic Origin Console takes a fresh look at what a large format console needs to do to work in harmony with a modern DAW driven production studio. The functional design looks back at the origin of in-line consoles for signal flow inspiration, but its circuits are at the cutting edge of SSL’s latest analogue developments. These new analogue designs deliver huge dynamic range and bandwidth yet still have the characterful, pleasing qualities of space and depth that analogue breathes on digital audio.

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