Soyuz announces “The Launcher”

Soyuz announces “The Launcher”

Sep 13th 2019

Soyuz Microphones has announced a new product they dub the Launcher. The Launcher is set for release on October 15, 2019. It's no secret that Soyuz makes great microphones. The build quality and performance quality show a level of care and passion that is undeniable. Knowing the consistent quality that Soyuz produces, and what the Launcher is promising, one can only be excited.

The Launcher can be seen as similar to devices like the Royer dBosster, or the Crimson Audio Mogaine. However (even as Soyuz puts it), those devices are designed to be “transparent”. The Launcher is designed to be charactered and impart mojo. The transformer inside is designed for color. Not only will you get 25dB of pre gain boost, which is wonderful for dynamic and ribbon microphones, but it will impart color to enrich the sound of your audio. The exciting part about this, is that there are times for character, and times for transparency. So having one (or two, or more) Soyuz the Launcher in your studio, right along with one or two (or more) dBoosters and/or Mogaines, makes sence. Maybe you want ribbons with a Mogaine or dBooster for the piano tracks (for a cleaner natural sound), and maybe you want some mojo on your acoustic guitar tracks. The Launcher isn't a tool to replace a tool, it's a tool to accomplish something new, right along side your other tools.

One only has to use Soyuz's 013 to get a sense of the great vibe they can provide. Combine that with the quality they are known for, and the usefulness of these types of devices, one can only be excited about what the Launcher can be used for. Mark 10/15/19 on your calendars!

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