Solid State Logic Stops by Front End Audio to talk Gear!

Solid State Logic Stops by Front End Audio to talk Gear!

By Front End Audio on Feb 13th 2023

Solid State Logic Stops by Front End Audio to talk Gear!

This month, Vice President of Music Products Fadi Hayek and National Sales Manager Marc DeGeorge from Solid State Logic stopped by Front End Audio to talk about the latest additions to their product line – the Connex USB Microphone and SSL 12 Audio Interface

Marc gave us a full presentation and live demo of the Connex USB Microphone and SSL 12. Though entry-level products from SSL, both products left us all impressed with the unique and advanced features and functionality they offer. Having our friends Marc and Fadi from SSL stop by and give us hands-on training and education on their great gear was a blast. Here’s a quick rundown on the SSL equipment we went over. We hope you’re as excited about these new products as we are.

For detailed specs and additional information, please visit the Product Pages or give us a call at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

Solid State Logic SSL 12

Solid State Logic really created something unique with the SSL 12. It has a lot to offer in a compact desktop format. Boasting 32bit converters, four SSL mic (line combo) pres with 4k emulation (which can be driven with gain), two independent headphone amps with adjustable impedance settings (perfect for optimizing headphone playback with high impedance reference headphones), a built in talkback mic, 8 additional inputs over ADAT Lightpipe, and four line outputs (in case you want to do some analog processing, or use the SSL 12 as a monitor controller for two sets of monitors), as well as MIDI I/O - this USB interface just offers a ton of great features and quality. 

Solid State Logic Connex USB Microphone

We were super impressed by the new Solid State Logic Connex USB Microphone! The Connex is the ultimate microphone for conferences, group calls or even as a room microphone when having rehearsal with your band! The Connex features an advanced quad microphone array with four specially defined user modes that you can select between depending on what you’re doing.


Solo mode: Perfect for a single spoken sound source. Say you’re on a call or live streaming, the Connex will pick up your voice with great clarity while reducing unwanted background noise.

Group Mode: This mode is designed for multiple spoken sound sources. Say you’re in a conference room and there are people all around the table. Simply put the Connex in the center of the table. Group mode will make sure all voices are heard evenly and clearly while also minimizing background noise.
Vocal Mode: This mode is great for when inspiration hits and you need something fast and something that will sound good! This mode utilizes SSL’s EQ and compression processing algorithms to enhance the recording and this mode will reject sound from the sides and rear of the microphone.
Immersive Mode: All four modes are utilized when in immersive mode and it allows you to access all four microphone signals independently

for the purpose of recordings or broadcast situations! All of the modes can be recorded onto separate tracks in your DAW allowing for complete control of your recording and mix.


The Solid State Logic Connex is a truly impressive microphone and we’re excited to have something like this in our conference room here at Front End Audio! 

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