Royer Labs dBooster2

Royer Labs dBooster2

By Front End Audio on Jan 4th 2022

Royer Labs dBooster2

Royer Labs recently released the new dBooster2 "phantom powered, two-channel in-line level booster/buffer for passive ribbon and dynamic microphones, and each channel doubles as a high-impedance DI input for guitars and other Hi-Z sources."

In a press release announcement, Royer Labs stated:

"The Royer model R-DB22 dBooster2 features two channels of dBooster ribbon & dynamic microphone
signal boosting and impedance buffering technology. Each channel also doubles as a
high-impedance DI.

When used as a signal booster, both channels of the dBooster2 increase the level of passive
low-output ribbon and dynamic microphones with a minimum of distortion or coloration.
Designed for professional applications, each dBooster2 channel offers two levels of clean gain
boost: 12dB or 20dB, selectable by a front panel switch.

The dBooster2’s Class A input presents a high source impedance to microphones, minimizing
loading (damping) and improving headroom. By utilizing the 12/20dB gain switch, optimum
balance between gain and headroom can be achieved for a variety of uses.

The dBooster2’s low-impedance output is an increased microphone-level signal that can drive a digital
interface directly or a standard microphone preamplifier. It also minimizes signal loss on long cable runs.
When used as a DI for unbalanced guitar level sources, the dBooster2 provides either 0dB or 8dB of
gain, selectable from the front panel switch. The single ended high-impedance (230K-Ohm) DI input
maintains headroom and gain regardless of load, with minimal distortion or coloration.

The new features added to the dBooster2 will take the already great design of the original dBooster, and bring significantly more utility to the device. This will make the dBooster2 a very handy tool to have in the studio, and on the road.

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