Presonus StudioLive Trade-in/Upgrade Program

Presonus StudioLive Trade-in/Upgrade Program

By Front End Audio on Sep 18th 2018

Presonus StudioLive Trade-in/Upgrade Program

For those of you that have an older Presonus StudioLive Classic or AI Mixer, and have been wanting to upgrade to the new Series III StudioLive consoles (I mean who doesn't like the latest grade tech?) - you might get a little happy over this new program that Presonus has rolled out.

From now until the end of the year, you can purchase a new StudioLive Series III console and then trade in your legacy or AI StudioLive console for a money back rebate towards your new StudioLive Series III. The rebate is provided by a mailed check to you, that is processed within “4-6 weeks of them receiving your trade in mixer”. Be sure that your SL Classic or AI is registered within your account. You will also have to register your new SL Series III console, before filling out and submitting any forms.

As with all rebates and trade-ins, there are requirements to be met, so please be sure to read through the information on this program. Here are some links for convenience:

Trade-In Program Overview:

USA Specific Overview:

Return Authorization form for trade-in:

Terms and Conditions:

Trade-in Flyer and Rebate Amounts:

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