Presonus Studio One 5.5 is officially released

Presonus Studio One 5.5 is officially released

By Front End Audio on Jan 11th 2022

Presonus Studio One 5.5 is officially released

Presonus has officially announced and released version 5.5 of their highly acclaimed DAW Studio One (Professional and Artist). Studio One took the audio world by storm when it was first released 12 years ago. Since then, it has continually created converts and kept users excited about making music. This is largely in part to the fact that Presonus and team listen directly to the end users and implement features, functions, tools, and fixes that benefit the user in creating the best music they can with the most ease possible. 

All in all, in Studio One Professional 5.5, you will see seven all new features that are specific to the Project Page Mastering Suite!

Now with the latest update, Studio One 5.5 brings a number of highly requested features. Among these are:

  • All-New Project Page with Automation, Clip Gain Envelopes, Listen Bus & Target Loudness Export
  • Strum Note Pattern & Draw Chord Stacks
  • Control Sample Start/End of Impact & SampleOne with ATOM (SQ)
  • Automation recall for Mix Scenes
  • Ampire now optimized for fast preset switching

For more details on what Presonus Studio One 5.5 has to offer, check out Presonus' overview video!

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