Presonus' new USB-C interfaces

Presonus' new USB-C interfaces

By Front End Audio on Jan 25th 2019

Presonus' new USB-C interfaces

Presonus has come out the gate this year, bringing a splash with five new audio interfaces. If you are familiar with their Studio series interfaces, you'll be glad to hear that they recently got a great update, and are now the “Studio C” series. It is everything you loved about the original Studio Series interfaces, but with the key improvement of featuring USD Type C connectivity. USB Type C gives you massive bandwidth, so you don't have to worry about a choke point for your audio, as well as it provides a truly future proof connection, ensuring these interfaces with last you for many many years to come. Plus they all feature an sleek new satin black finish with metallic blue ends. As with all Presonus audio interfaces, the Studio C series include a copy of Studio One Artist DAW software, and feature Presonus' clean and natural sounding Xmax mic pres.

The new Presonus Studio C series interfaces include the following models:

Presonus Studio 24c Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 26C Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 68C Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 1810C Audio Interface

PreSonus Studio 1824C Audio interface

With several configurations, Presonus has ensured that there is a Studio C series audio interface that will meet your needs.

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