Presonus FaderPort 8’s are here!

Presonus FaderPort 8’s are here!

Nov 9th 2017

Looks like Christmas has come a little early this year. This morning, we were like kids in a candy store, as we opened the boxes we got delivered to us, and got to see the new Presonus FaderPort 8! This control surface provides a lot of great features. As Presonus puts it:

"Although a keyboard and mouse are tried-and-true DAW-control devices, they’re far more effective when used in tandem with the FaderPort 8’s precise tactile control over mix and automation functions. With 8 touch-sensitive, motorized, 100 mm faders and 57 buttons covering 78 different functions, you can quickly zoom in on audio files for editing, adjust your click-track tempo with a simple tap, modify plug-in parameters, manage aux mixes—and, of course, control track levels with the touch of a finger."

Supporting Mac OS 10.85 (and higher), and Windows 7 (64) to Win 10, and utilizing Native Mode (for Presonus Studio One), HUI Emulation (for Pro Tools), and Mackie Universal Control Emulation (for Cubase, Ableton, Nuendo, Bitwig, Reason, Samplitude/Sequoia, and more) - this controller can provide a great workflow improvement to any studio, letting you get more done - more efficiently.

Of course is Presonus fashion, included is a copy of Studio One Artist. While Studio One Artist is a great program, it does not provide the full Studio One experience, so you'll find yourself quickly wanting to upgrade to Studio One Profession - getting all the powerful features and functions of that great DAW. Well, we have you covered there. In a drop down menu on the product page for the FadePort 8 (and all [soon] devices that include Studio One Artist), you can add the upgrade to Pro at a noticeable savings.

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