Pop Audio – Not your average Pop Filter

Pop Audio – Not your average Pop Filter

Nov 9th 2017

When the crew at Front End Audio first got their hands on the Pop Audio Pop Filters, we knew these were different. This is one solidly built universal pop filter, with replaceable parts, that will last you a life time!

Pop Audio's goal was to make a pop filter that you can use and use so efficiently that you practically forget about it all together. They thought (and we agree) that no one wants to constantly fiddle around with the small stuff when you're trying to stay in your creative zone. So they gave us all the Pop Filter that quickly and securely snaps onto any stand and stays in place once adjusted and get this...does exactly what it's supposed to do - reduce pops!

The Pop Audio Classic Pop Filter comes with the standard fabric filter. But the Pop Audio Studio Edition Pop Filter comes with one each of interchangeable foam, metal, and fabric filters - giving you all your possible options for every situation.

So, head on over to and check out these top quality pop filters, we are stocked and ready to take care of your pro audio needs. Plus, we know you won't be disappointed; these are not your average pop filters!

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