Pearl Microphones Clarity at Front End Audio

Pearl Microphones Clarity at Front End Audio

Nov 9th 2017

Pearl Microphones has manufactured high-end microphones since 1941. The development of the Pearl Microphones Clarity microphones draws on this heritage but designed with the demands of today's recordings in mind.

The Pearl Microphones Clarity is a small membrane condenser microphone which will produce great results in the studio or in live recording settings. It will capture orchestras and choirs flawlessly and can be used for all kinds of instruments and as overheads for drum kits. In addition, the microphone will perform well on a lectern or in a radio/TV studio, where its small size is an advantage.

The Clarity has a low noise transformerless pre-amplifier and can be used with two different, newly developed, capsule heads (cardioid and omni). The Clarity can be purchased with either capsule head or in a dual capsule setup.

The Clarity has a durable black chrome finish andis delivered in a shock-proof carton tube with enough room for both capsule heads.

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