Pace iLok 3 – A new, stronger, but smaller iLok. Let’s take a look

Pace iLok 3 – A new, stronger, but smaller iLok. Let’s take a look

By Front End Audio on Sep 10th 2018

Pace iLok 3 – A new, stronger, but smaller iLok. Let’s take a look

Pace Anti-Piracy released the 3rd generation of its well known iLok - the Pace iLok 3 USB Dongle - offering a bevy of new benefits to users of 3rd party software manufacturers.

For those of you new to iLok, it's important to know that some manufacturers require that you own a physical iLok device, and have a registered iLok account, running the iLok License Manager software.

Reasons To Love the iLok platform:

  • It's portable - the iLok holds hundreds of licenses on one device. You can keep your licenses in your pocket, not on your computer.
  • It's secure - the iLok hardware is the safest and most secure license location and has never been exploited.
  • It's worry free - no codes to remember (or lose) - just activate to the iLok and go! Plus, Pace Anti-Piracy has made it simple to recover licenses from damaged or lost hardware.

The new features of the iLok 3 to know are:

  • The 3rd generation iLok can hold up to 1500 licenses depending on the license type. By comparison, the 2nd generation iLok can hold up to 500 licenses.
  • You can have any combination of older iLoks and new iLoks in your account at the same time.
  • The 3rd generation iLok works the same as the 2nd generation iLok. It is also fully backward compatible.
  • Zero Downtime (ZDT) is immediately available for 3rd generation iLoks. Theft & Loss Coverage (TLC) may be enabled within the iLok License Manager application on ZDT-covered 2nd & 3rd generation iLoks.
  • You do not need to purchase a new iLok to continue working. Note that software publishers may set some of their products to require 2nd generation or above iLoks.
  • 2nd generation iLoks are no longer being produced.
  • The new iLok 3 is stronger, more durable, and it holds over three times the licenses. It’s also quite stylish.
  • And yes - you can move your licenses from your older iLoks to your new iLok 3.

So, if you're shopping for Avid's Pro Tools, plug-ins, or your existing iLok 1 or 2 is a little long in the tooth, be sure to order an iLok 3 before you NEED one. Nothing's worse than some sudden downtime. And the best part of the new iLok 3 for us is just how strong this little sucker is. The iLok 3 is just like Kimmy Schmidt - Unbreakable!

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