Neumann visits Front End Audio with some cool new gear!

Neumann visits Front End Audio with some cool new gear!

By Front End Audio on Aug 31st 2023

Neumann visits Front End Audio with some cool new gear!

Neumann visits Front End Audio with some cool new gear! It's always a good seeing our reps and spending time talking all things Neumann. It's even more fun when they bring gear for hands-on time. In this case, they brought the recently released Neumann MT 48 Audio Interface, as well as a pair of Neumann KH 120 II and KH 150 studio monitors. We connected the MT 48 to our studio PC and ran the outputs to our monitor switcher, with both the Neumann KH 120 II Studio Monitors and Neumann KH 150 Studio Monitors connected. That way, we could A/B back and forth to compare the two sets. We must say, we were very impressed all around!

Neumann KH 120 II Studio Monitors

The Neumann KH 120 II Studio Monitors are a notable step-up from an already great monitor design (in the original KH 120s). The redesigned cabinet that is now manufactured out of wood, lends itself to an improvement in sound and performance. While they have a very solid low-end response (for a 5” driver), the musical clear top end and full balanced mids really shine. If you're dealing with music that is heavy in the mid-range (such as guitar driven rock), the KH 120 IIs will give you a clear picture of the mid-range, allowing you to ensure your mix is properly balanced.

The Neumann KH 150 Studio Monitors have a wide range response (“flat” down to 39Hz), very balanced sound, are slightly smooth/musical, and have great imaging. The stereo image does throw past the speaker placement, and the KH 150s benefit from being wider apart in spacing (4ft or so). These are definitely high-end monitors that provide a proper reproduction of your audio, so you can make those critical choices with your mix.


It's no secret that Neumann/Sennheiser acquired the Merging Technologies line. It was a smart move, just as when they acquired Klein and Hummel, thus bringing us the Neumann KH series monitors. With the acquisition of Merging Technologies, Neumann released the MT 48 interface. The Neumann MT 48 Audio Interface is built on the Merging Technologies Anubis platform but expands on it with one simple, yet extremely handy, addition. Boasting all the features of the Merging Anubis, the MT 48 provides the simple addition of a USB-C connector. This is critical in making the unit not only mobile (so you can remove it from your network audio rig and take it on the go when having to record on location), but also providing a simple and common connection format. This addition by Neumann in the MT 48 effectively makes the high-end interface/converters of Merging Technologies accessible to home studio owners!

Neumann is an industry respected line that has contributed so much to our world of audio and seeing them expand the line with more impressive gear is a joy. We can't wait for their next visit. If you have any questions about Neumann or any of their products, give us a call! We're here to help!

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