MESANOVIC MICROPHONES – Ribbon Microphones from the Motor City with a wide open top-end, perfectly sculpted mid-range, and tight yet thunderous lows.

MESANOVIC MICROPHONES – Ribbon Microphones from the Motor City with a wide open top-end, perfectly sculpted mid-range, and tight yet thunderous lows.

By Front End Audio on Nov 9th 2017

MESANOVIC MICROPHONES – Ribbon Microphones from the Motor City with a wide open top-end, perfectly sculpted mid-range, and tight yet thunderous lows.

MESANOVIC MICROPHONES' company founder Deni Mesanovic comes from the "build-it-or fix-it-yourself" ethos. Having come from a family of mechanics and been involved with music production and engineering from an early age, Deni designed and built his first ribbon mic for his senior thesis at the University of Michigan prior to graduating in 2013 with a degree in Sound Engineering. While the initial pair of mics he made for his thesis were encouraging, he ultimately decided that he could make them to be a lot better.

THE RIBBON MOTOR - In order to get away from the dark and often wooly sound of what is common to so many ribbon microphones, Deni decided that this process had to be achieved strictly from the ribbon motor itself instead of resorting to some sort of active circuitry with a filter network (EQ) employed to correct for design inadequacies. In fact, we see this design decision as being consistent with what we find in some of our most favorite condenser microphones, as well.

After having gone through nearly 40 different ribbon motor designs, Deni struck upon his magic combination: an ribbon element which is extremely narrow, which yields a natural extension to the high-end roll off of the mic. To further extend the high-end response of the microphone, Deni designed and forged special "resonator plates" which produce a gentle bump at around 13 kHz. As a result, the Model 2 ends up sounding like a well balanced ribbon microphone - only with "air."

One of the unique sonic features of the Model 2 that we've found is that while the lower mids are exceptionally well-tempered. This range is often thick and unruly - a problem often compounded due to poor impedance matching with the chosen mic preamp. And even when using a proper / ideal microphone preamp for a ribbon mic, there can still be a better tone from many ribbon mic offerings on the market; and this is usually where the more expensive offerings distinguish themselves. Still, the Mesanovic mics stretch the low-frequency response down into the deepest of the lowest registers, delivering a finely tailored resonance for kick drums and bass instruments. This is something very unique, indeed.

Deni has developed a very nice active amplifier for the Model 2, resulting in the Model 2A Active Ribbon Microphone. Also, having developed a Stereo version of the Model 2 - the Model 2S - Deni combined what he had achieved with the Model 2A with the Model 2S, achieving synergy in the Model 2AS Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone.

The offerings:
Mesanovic Microphones Model 2 Ribbon Microphone
Mesanovic Microphones Model 2A Active Ribbon Microphone
Mesanovic Microphones Model 2S Stereo Ribbon Microphone
Mesanovic Microphones Model 2AS Active Stereo Ribbon Microphone

In order to create their completely original and unique ribbon microphones, Deni decided to control every aspect of the microphone manufacturing process. Every component that goes into his microphones is completely machined in the Mesanovic shop on precision CNC machinery.

This same idea carries over to what is arguably one of the most important components of a ribbon microphone: the transformer. Rather than buying off the shelf transformers from other companies, Mesanovic Microphones winds their own custom toroidal transformers that are specifically designed for optimal performance with their ribbons. Utilizing a unique amorphous tape wound core, these low loss, low distortion transformers deliver a "3D" like quality with incredible depth - key to the unique sound of the Mesanovic ribbon mics.

Deni Mesanovic hand-assembles every ribbon microphone in his shop in Detroit. After hours of machining, winding, ribboning, tuning, and assembling, the microphones are thoroughly tested and inspected to comply with very strict tolerances before they are shipped.

Deni's aim is to provide audio engineers with microphones of the highest quality. We feel that the Mesanovic Ribbon Microphones will easily become some of your favorite microphones on guitars, drums, vocals, strings, brass instruments, as room mics, and so much more.

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