Lauten Audio 10dB Attenuators

Lauten Audio 10dB Attenuators

Nov 9th 2017

Today Lauten Audio has announced a new Lauten Audio 10dB Attenuators for their LA-120 small diaphragm condenser microphones. The Pads are sold as a pair and offer 10dB of attenuation. They install between the capsule and preamplifier of the microphone body. These offer the user additional versatility when using the LA-120’s on higher SPL sources like drums or guitar amplifiers. This brings the LA-120’s current max SPL handling from 130 to 140dB SPL, making them capable of handling just about any source a recordist can throw at them. The adapters are 2.7cm in length and when installed increase the length of the LA-120 to 18.4cm from its stock length of 15.9cm. Lauten expects the Pads to be available by the end of 1st quarter 2017 with an MSRP of $99, and street price of $59.

Pre-order now at Front End Audio!

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