Introducing the Universal Audio Apollo X4

Introducing the Universal Audio Apollo X4

Oct 22nd 2019

Everyone by now is well aware of the Apollo interfaces from Universal Audio. From their on-board DSP processing of UAD plug-ins, to being one of the first interfaces to adopt Thunderbolt, and their modeling enabled Unison preamps, Universal Audio continues to make the Apollo platform, a platform of innovation.

Now Universal Audio has announced the new addition to the Apollo line, the all new Apollo X4. The Apollo X4 is delivered in the desktop format of the Apollo Twin series, and offers a lot of great features that expands on the compact twin platform. The X4 offers: 4 Unison Mic/Line inputs, dedicated monitor outputs (over TRS), 4 line outputs (over TRS), Thuderbolt 3 over USB Type C (so it is 100% compatible with both MAC and Windows PCs), and one of the best and most need addition – not just keeping the ADAT optical input, but adding an ADAT optical output! So now, you can enjoy all the features of the Apollo Twin platform, assignable controls, with the additional DSP processing of the X platform, and truly expand on your interface with ADAT optical (in) and out!

This is a much needed addition, and takes an already format – truly evolving it. I love my Apollo Twin USB. I love the portability of it, the DSP, the pres, the controls, and layout. And now, having an expanded option that bridges the gap between the twins and the racks is a welcome addition.

In other equally great news, the Apollo Twin Thunderbolt interfaces (Duo and Quad), have been upgraded to the X line as well. So now you get the same great compact Twin interfaces, with more DSP horsepower.

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